Don't waver so much my dear

My dear friend who is in that on-again-off again relationship,

I love you, please remember that.

Unfortunately, I haven’t brought myself to tell this to you directly (yet). I hope I get around to it.
Though I have been absolutely supportive of your relationship so far, I’m starting to doubt that decision.

You guys have been in your relationship for more than a year now. Through that period, you haven’t spent more than two full months together continually before resorting to “It’s over dude, we broke up” and consequently going on to patch up over the next week or so.

You guys should just make up your mind on whether to make things work or to just let go. Your approach of two steps forward and one step back won’t take you far. More importantly, it can’t sustain.

You see darling, if non-commitment is so easily an option for the both of you, you’re never giving time for the glue to set. Your relationship is like a beautiful vase broken to pieces, and both of you refusing to cement it as you’re just waiting for the next crack. You’re using fevistick which sticks paper at best. You can’t be in a relationship thinking “Let’s see how far this goes.” Unless you’re in for a fling, which I know you’re not, this approach will not work. You cannot test waters forever. There’s so much more to it. Keeping one foot pointed toward the exit door which is forever open will strain you, and eventually kill the relationship.

So please my love, make up your mind. Both of you. Decide to go through with it fully or give it up. Don’t be in the relationship constantly wondering how long it’ll last. It will break your faith in relationships. Don’t have leaving as an option if you choose to stay. Give it your best. Give it your all. If not, leave right away and see how to move on.

I say this because I care,

Yours always,

Someday’s Dreamer


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