Christmas Wish List

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I have amazing friends :D Yaayy gifts! However, I thought and thought, and came up blank.
Over the last few days, as I've been setting things aside to prepare for the season, I thought and thought some more. Still nothing.

In a way that's awesome. I think I have reached a point in life where I have everything!

[Unless you're taking into account not having a Porsche, A beautiful house of my own, That promotion I've been waiting for, That Gucci Watch, Six month long Euro Trip, Already published novel .... you get the drift]

Getting back on track, I guess I already have things that most people wish for. And I'm so very grateful for it :)

Then again, it is the season for giving (ergo, also receiving) so it's better to clear about what we want sometimes, rather than getting what we don't want. I went to the extent of checking for nice gift ideas, that I can ask for myslef :P Still came up with squat. Actually it did help me come up with a list of things I don't want .

[No Jewelry organizers / bags / headphones/ pillows/ clothes/ Green tea infusers / stationery (yes, I'm actually saying that! Have too much, and use too little)/ Books (same story, too many unread books in my shelf) / Baking Stuff/ Phone cases/ Plants/ Car stuff/ ,,,]

If push comes to shove, there are a few things I do want (Hey, I'm human!)

  1. Lipstick (I haven't found the perfect shade yet, still hunting)
  2. Brunch at Vascos, Hilton (That's my favourtitest still)
  3. White Stilletos with bling  (If you've guessed it, yes, that's exactly why I want it)
  4. A nice lamb pie recipe and the ingredients to make it :P
  5. Off White Tulle with work - lots of it. 5 metres of it! (I'm mostly kidding on this one. I just keep wondering about it a lot these day, so) Got it from China :D
  6. Swimming Classes

That's all I could think of :) 

I noticed (myself) that the list is becoming shorter, but pricier. Guess it's a sign that I've moved on to a different stage in life :)

What's your Christmas wish list?

Have you been good, so Santa can visit?

A very Merry Christmas Season!


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