Monday, October 23, 2017

Thursday, October 12, 2017

That old neighbour

She danced, she sang, she loved and lived life
She probably still does, I wouldn't know
She was my neighbour
Not anymore
She was my friend
Not anymore

Her first kiss
I was the first one who knew
My first boy - friendship
She was the first one who knew
We read books together
We read out poems to each other
We drew together
We spent countless hours giggling
Like little girls do
At random things that made no sense to the outside world

She did have other friends
I had other friends

Be we had something special.
We were neighbors as well
Easiest to access

We got each other through the most difficult year of our lives
We have seen each other as we had all our pieces shattered

That shattered what we had
I think we started to remind each other of the sadness
Maybe we didn't want to remember that
Maybe we didn't know how to face each other after that
Maybe we just needed fresh starts

With that crescendo,
Eight years of close friendship disappeared
Like the whisp of smoke from a candle who's flame has been snuffed out

Now we follow each other on social media
I occasionally think about her
Or the fun we used to have
Send an extremely occasional text

Sometimes I wonder about who she is now
I wonder if she does too

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Preethi's Turbo Chop - A Review

My boyfriend lives with some room mates, and they take about an hour and a half to cook every proper meal. Of which, 45 minutes is spent cutting vegetables. I spend about 10 minutes cutting, when I have to.
I like cooking, even love it many times, but I hate the preparation!

Some are lucky enough to be able to cut and cook really fast. I have never been for them. Luckily for people like us, they have choppers in the market!

I bought a manual chopper from HomeCentre about a year back, it’s great for uniform small sized dicing. However, the handle broke after 20 to 25 uses. One carrot murdered it you see. I went back to the old school knife-wielding methods for a while, till I chanced upon Preethi’s Turbo Charger.

I’ve been using it for a month now, and it has really saved me a lot of time!
My review of the product:


Simple and efficient.

It’s got 4 parts: The wired motor, A separator (plastic layer between motor and the bowl), The blade, and the Bowl/ bottom container.
It’s got a plastic body, which looks durable. I dropped the bowl once, and it didn’t break. However, it is plastic, and it could break.

However, it’s easy individual part design makes it very very easy to clean! And since the bowl can be emptied quite comfortably with a spatula, we don’t even have to wash it in between cutting different vegetables for the same cook – which is not the case for mixer grinders.

The separator is very clever, leaving the motor completely clean even after multiple rounds.
The blade is quite sharp – so handle with care.

Size: It can cut 2 to 3 medium sized onion at a time. So you’d need to go a few more rounds if you’re cooking for a bigger group. It’ll still save you time, so worth the effort.

Chopping Quality:

Pros: It cuts really fast, no matter what the veggie is. It cruised through the carrots without a hitch. It’s great for carrots, onions and so on. You can stop mid way for a coarse finish, and go a bit longer for a fine finish.

I loved the coarse finish I was able to get for my fresh chili + ginger + garlic mix.
Cons: It’s not a chopper exactly. It’s more of a grinder. Especially with the softer veggies like tomato and cucumber – it completely purees it. So, when you’re looking for a puree maker, it’s perfect.
The first time, I was trying to cut tomatoes for a salad and I was sourly disappointed.  However, when I was helping my dad with the curry, the puree consistency was perfect! Was better even that chopped tomatoes!

Power Consumption:

Very negligible. It does the work in minutes, so it probably takes up far lesser energy than our Mixies.


It’s a small, easy to store and handle, great product that would really help with everyday kitchen use.
Priced around the 2K range, it’s easy on the pocket and a great gadget. I would especially recommend it for amateur cooks as it saves a lot of time with recipes that need chopping.