Dialogue in the Dark : A review

If there was one sense that I would never want to lose - that would be sight.
Yet, my experience in complete darkness was eye opening. Pun intended.

Let's rewind, and give some context to all of this.

Dialogue in the Dark is an establishment where you can experience a safe version of a completely dark world. Have you ever wondered how would it feel like to be blind? to be unable to see what is right in front of you? To have to rely on all your other senses for the visual input we so easily take for granted? Dialogue in the dark is the place for you. Even if you've never wondered any of those things, I would still encourage you to go there.

As soon as we went, before we entered, they gave us lockers and asked us to keep all our things in it. Including mobile phones and watches that may emit light. We keep the keys, and the things are quite safe there.

We were then given guiding sticks, and instructions to keep it close to the body, below knee level, and to use it to only feel the ground.

When you enter the actual space - darkness is an understatement. I realized then that even when we have our eyes closed, we don't actually experience real darkness. The kind where there is absolutely NO LIGHT. Be ready for a minute or two of your eyes trying really hard to find some semblance of light from anywhere.

We (4 of us) had a guide who took us around the place. It is designed to enhance the experience of all your other senses.

I'm not going to spoil your experience by breaking the surprise here - but I must tell you this;
Being in the complete dark is scary. At least in the beginning. And every new experience they give us, there is always fear in getting into it. But trust me (I can vouch for it :) ) It is safe, and worth every minute of it. And no animals are kept inside there (that is one information I would have appreciated in advance :P )  

We even got to play games in the dark. Relying only on our ears then.

I can't repeat enough about how heightened your other senses become. Hearing, touch, smell - even with touch - textures, temperatures, so much it's beyond wonderous.

The cherry on the cake is the eating experience.

We were playing the game, and we knew we were close to food as we could smell it so strongly. My favorite part about eating was that after being in the dark for around half an hour, we already seemed to be a bit comfortable with the food. Feeling it slightly to get a sense of the temperature, then eating it. there was a moment when I was biting at some foil, without a clue of what it was - but I figured it out.

Do go and try it out! Highly recomended!

Some additional info from the organization itself:

About Dialogue in the Dark:

Dialogue in the Dark is a global organization that champions diversity and social inclusion of the Differently abled worldwide. Dialogue in the Dark’s mission is to sensitize the sighted world about the abilities of the differently abled so as to include and mainstream disabled people and eventually empower them economically. Dialogue in the Dark uses real life experiences to convey a very powerful social message on diversity and social inclusion. Dialogue in the Dark has been present worldwide in 43 countries in 130 cities visited by 10 million visitors. In India, Dialogue in the Dark is present in Hyderabad, Bangalore & Chennai

About Exhibition Tour - Walk through experience

Dialogue in the Dark is an internationally acclaimed unique exhibition experience that takes place in complete darkness. The exhibition experience puts you in real life situations such as playing cricket, shopping at the supermarket, having a quick bite in a cafe and lots more - but in complete darkness, awakening the other 4 senses, and deepening self awareness. Dialogue in the Dark exhibition incorporates an optimum mix of fun, adventure & learning in the most unique way possible. 

Duration: 40 minutes

Cost per head: Rs. 250 

About Dialogue in the Dark - Taste of Darkness:

Dialogue in the Dark - Taste of Darkness is India's only concept restaurant where the guests dine in complete darkness for the very first time. The guests deposit their belongings such as phones, watches or any thing which emits light in the locker provided to them in the lobby as even a tiny bit of light could dilute the experience. To make the experience more interesting, we do not disclose the menu to the guests and we keep it a surprise. The menu changes everyday and we take the preference of the guests as to whether they are vegetarians or non vegetarians and serve them accordingly. 

The ideology behind this concept is to awaken the other 4 senses which helps them explore, relish and understand every bit of their food rather than just hogging them and most importantly, enable visitors connect with people without any distraction because, these days, people are either glued to their phones or they watch TV in a restaurant. Taste of Darkness aims to put people through a very immersive dining experience which will make them realise how it is important to focus and enjoy the food while dining. What sets the experience apart is that the dining guides are visually impaired. This unique dining concept was introduced in Chennai on March 18th 2017 and the restaurant is located at the 3rd floor of Express Avenue Mall (opp. to escape cinemas).
Duration: 50 minutes

Cost per head: Rs. 349 plus taxes (for both veg & non veg)


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