Literary Subscription Box: Fiction Crate, a review

You’ve got mail!

A package actually – oooh even better!

One that’s got a book, a Tee Shirt and some more small goodies. A hand written post card to go with it – Ah, you’ve made my day!

Imagine this being a possibility every month.

We all love pleasant surprises. So, it’s no wonder that subscriptions boxes are increasingly gaining popularity. A box of goodies, tailored to your preference, yet with the element of surprise to make the whole thing exciting and worth waiting for!

There are many genres (so to say) of subscription boxes. Boxes for beauty , hobbies, craft. An interesting one for men that I came across was for Socks! Funky socks that you don’t have to pick, sent to you regularly. How awesome is that?!

I love books, I dream of having my own library, but, book stores are dwindling. More over, the time available to just dawdle around book shelves, trying to find that perfect book has long since disappeared. I seem to forever be fighting with long to-do lists of things to do at work, or at home or planning my next vacation. Honest story of my life. And I love it.

At the end of the day however, I still, like for as long as I can remember, reach out to a book and read a chapter before peacefully drifting off to sleep. It’s also the first thing I do every morning. Just so that I can set the pace for the day, and ensure I don’t wake up to reviewing that to do list.

I recently tried Fiction Crate for my birthday (Yaay birthday gifts!) and I have to say this: Subscription boxes are perfect for (also read – perfect gifts for) bibliophiles like me who are bad at time management. Less choice is more happiness sometimes. Borrowing on Apple’s philosophy, Book subscription boxes send one to few books every month – with some goodies. You can subscribe once, or regularly or for a friend as a gift – completely flexible like that.

A quick pros and cons analysis:

  1. You don’t get to choose your book
  2. You may not like the goodies

  1. Delivered at your doorstep
  2. Wonderful surprise element (my favourite :D )
  3. Your preference is taken into account for the Fiction Crate Subscription box, so it’s going to be something close to what you would love
  4. Different options available
  5. These would make amazing gifts!

Definitely worth giving it a shot. With the options they provide, you’re likely to go back for more!


Jeffy Sarto said…
What was the name of the book you received?