Birthday Series: 9 to go : Lighting the lamp, blowing the candle!

Today's guest post is a poem by the eclectic Varsha Dharan. 

Lighting the lamp, blowing the candle!

What would birthdays be without cakes, candles, cards, confetti and celebration? 

What would birthdays be without family, friends, fun and frolic?

What would it be? What would it be?

Is it celebrating life?  Blowing a candle to strike one off the board? 

Taking a step closer to a probable next birth?

What would it be?

Racing numbers to racing thoughts, racing all the way to the stop?

The timer ticks, the battery drains, the phoenix burns to rise up again!

What would it be?

Being the princess, finding my horse, defending the land I love a lot?

The youngest I will be, the oldest I’ve been, swimming the oceans I am intended to cross!

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust! Finding a purpose to this life I must!


Varsha Dharan is one of those few people who managed to grow up continuing to be the bundle of bouncing energy and joy that we've all been as kids. A HR specialist by profession - but far from defining who she is. A social worker, professional dancer, traveller, photographer and of course a poet as well.
She's famous for her double hashtag couplets. 
Her writing induces one to read twice, think thrice and ponder quite a bit.