Birthday Series: 8 to go: Why I don’t celebrate my birthdays?

I haven't undergone a brain transplant. 
This is obviously a guest post ;) A different perspective from a fellow Taurean who happens to (not) celebrate his birthday today - Over to Rajesh! 

I don’t remember celebrating/wanting to celebrate my birthday after 10th Std. I may have cut a few cakes and all that, but birthdays were never special to me. My birthday is just another day.
We generally celebrate only achievements – don’t we? I am sure you’ll agree that mere survival of three-and-a-half decades is no big feat. Millions of people have done that before and millions will do it later too. So, I don’t see what’s so special about that!

I would gladly celebrate my birthday if I become,

·         As skilful as Sachin
·         As rich as Ambani
·         As popular as Rajnikanth
·         As talented as A R Rehman
·         As powerful as Modi
·         As compassionate as Mother Theresa

In short, the day I become as famous as one of the above personalities, I would gladly celebrate my achievements on my birthday. Anything lesser than that would be like celebrating inconsequential existence, which according to me, is another inconsequential happening on an inconsequential day.
I know what you’re all thinking – he’s never going to celebrate his birthday in this life. The chances of celebrating one in the next few lives are also very miniscule. I can even hear some of you laughing in your minds - yenakku unga mind-voice kekkudhu. But what to do – you have taken the decision of reading through this article and you’ll have to go through the consequences of your decision. No escape 😊

People say that when you aim for the sun, you’ll at least get to the moon. But in my case, even if I aim for the moon, I’ll get to the stars. That too in a distant galaxy. Yes, I am generally that humble.

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Thanks Jenny, for inviting me to write a guest post. I’ll carefully watch this space to see if the host of this blog will drop the idea of allowing guest posts in the future 😊

Haha, that's definitely a different perspective! Rajesh and his wife are a fun duo who are always trying out new things! He has reduced my workload by adding the links himself :)  However, I must mention the commendable work he puts into his blog. He faithfully updates his blog with details of events happening in City. Though he focusses on weekend, he does highlight a few events during the week as well.
His new venture - Animated Photos sounds super fun. I have checked it out, and it looks great! I wish him all the best. 
More importantly, A very very happy birthday Rajesh!


It's very rare that such a post (vithanda-vaadham) is published as a guest post! Thanks to you too.. :)

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