Birthday Series: 7 to go : As I turned 40

This guest post is by Forever Young Mr. G :)

One thing that Jenny and I share is the star sign. Both are Taureans. Other than that we both have very distinct personalities and belief systems. That makes me wonder if the entire star sign story is true. Does Linda Goodman books just feel good or a solution to explore who we are? Did we start imitating what was wrote or Linda actually wrote scientifically researched piece. Despite this doubt, I am very attached to my star sign. Never miss an opportunity to read the predictions. 
As Dan Ariely would say I am an irrational man.

But this post is not to raise my cudgels against Linda and the star sign story. This is about my own birthday this year.

On April 23, 2017, I reached 40. Just in case you didn’t know, I share my birthday with the Bard of Avon – Shakespeare.

Coming back to my turning 40. Like Jenny, I also get very excited a fortnight before my birthday. I start thinking who will wish me and what gifts I might get. Till about two years back, I made my birth date known on Facebook. As a result, there would be wishes pouring in from friends, family, and acquaintances. It certainly felt good.

Then I stopped sharing my birth date. And I would urge, if you are keen, to do the same. This will give you an understanding of who is closer to you. If someone can wish you without the need of a social media reminder, then you can be certain that that person has thought of you. Of course they may have some other mode of remembering but somehow Facebook or any other reminder seems very impersonal. Expect the number of wishes to come down, but the wishes you get will be more valuable.

Of course it can cause heartburn. Blame it on the dependence on technology and social media which have made the need to remember things unnecessary. There is a possibility that you might expect some people to remember your birthday but they may not. In this case either the person forgot to wish you or only you imagine that you are close to that person.

But then upon reaching 40, my thoughts were not much about who will wish me. As I lay lazily on the bed, I thought I have probably already lived three-fourths of my life span. Assuming I would live till 65 or 70, what I have left ahead is the period where the body will slowly but surely grow weaker. The body may not remain strong enough to hold the soul.

While is still not the dusk, it is certainly the twilight. I am not sure if I was scared and sad. I think it was just a solemn thought. Though I have had more positive birthdays in the past.

As Eckhart Tolle urges in his book, I think I will try to stay in the Now.

And an advanced happy birthday to Jenny. Make the best of what you have, today. 


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