Birthday series: 6 to go: Being Taurean

Being a May born, my zodiac sign was a strong part of my identity for a long while. 

Studying in a girls school almost mandated being aware of Linda Goodman extensively. I’m not sure how this worked in co-ed/ boys’ schools, so I shall refrain from commenting on that.There was a phase around my ninth grade, where zodiac signs decided whether a friendship would be made or broken. Phrases like “You’re a Leo, we’re going to be great friends” or “He was a Pisces, they would never have worked out anyway” were not hard to come by.

Taurus was generally identified as one of the stronger personalities. However, or despite the fact that, back in school, I was a quiet nobody. There, I said it out loud. When I go back to school, I am known as “Jeffy’s sister” – though she is six years my junior, and it should have been “Oh, there’s Jenny’s sister”. Yet, I was a Taurean. Initially, it meant not too much more than checking the forecasts on “The Week” magazine, or picking the bull when asked to pick a favourite animal. I do have strong memories of being accused of being ‘stubborn’, followed by ‘Just like the bull’. I have also comfortably used my zodiac sign as an excuse anytime I got angry. But, I was a proud Taurean. I owned a Taurus T Shirt for a long time (read almost a decade) and when it had to be decommissioned, I did so only after I had procured a replica. Friends have gifted me mugs which list out the highlights of being a Taurean. On more than one occasion, I have said “Hey, I’m a Taurean!”

As I grew, rationality began to take a stronger hold on my brain. Questions like “Isn’t stubbornness and strongly sticking to one point of view almost the same thing?” did pop up a lot.

On the plus side, it did tell me that I am allowed to take a stronger stance when required. I was supposed to be stubborn anyway! *wink*

Despite the growing doubts, I continued to read predictions and Linda Goodman. Even procured her book on love signs.

Days went on. I went to university. The importance to zodiac signs and their implications dwindled. I did occasionally relate things to that. Rare however. When I broke up with my second boyfriend, I thought to myself (passing thought it was ;) )“He wasn’t a good fit. My first and I were most compatible”

As I started working, the focus shifted to what we can achieve on our own. I was no more the shy teenager. I knew what I wanted, and now I’m close to getting it. It’s long since I claimed a constellation as my identity. The death blow, I think, was when Nasa released a statement saying “They’re astronomers, and not astrologers” – that part went viral and was famous. However, the lesser known detailed explanation that went with it was along the lines of (paraphrased by yours truly) “We’ve found many more constellations. It’s not just these twelve, or one other. However, the Zodiac doesn’t affect the lives of people – rationally or scientifically – in anyway. So we didn’t bother with releasing statements related to it.” Ha! How about that. For the curious lot, here’s a small piece of that cake :

I still like the Taurean symbol of the bull, and still do feel that it’s the best among the lot. I think I’m somewhat like my agnostic friend who said he would probably pick the religion he was born into, if asked to pick, simply because familiarity breeds contempt. J Also, it’s a group thing.

Happy Birthday season Taureans out there :D


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