Birthday Series: 2 to go: By a Kindred Spirit

This guest post is by Nisha Misha:

Birthday!!! The very word makes me smile irrespective of whose it is, though the smile does widen when it’s mine. In my family that day signifies “its your day” and have gone through extreme lengths to fulfil that view to make us feel special on that day. My mother taught us to take it to the next level, by counting down to the D-Day one month in advance. As they say, it’s the process that counts.

I recall with fond memories my 13th, 16th 21st and 25th birthday. Anyone who has interacted with me knows that I’m an ardent Formula 1-Michael Schumacher and Tour De France fan and thus most of these milestones were in relation to these two sports. While I know the theme is the one special birthday, I’ve been lucky to have more than one till date. It all started a week prior my 13th birthday when I saw a Ferrari car model (Michael Schumacher) at Landmark. I was ready to forgo my party just so that I could have that and my father hesitatingly relented to my pleas. Any sports fan will understand the unexplainable joy you experience on owning your first ever merchandise. My family and friends increased the bar for my 16th birthday by periodically gifting me things again related to F1 from the previous night till a day after my birthday. For my 21st birthday since we were abroad vacationing I was given the opportunity to attend my first ever Grand Prix though I did not follow it through since we were there only for a day in the city. A week long celebration occurred for my 25th with me meeting all my friends before I left the city to pursue my higher education.

While it does seem that its’ only materialistic things that brings me joy, I completely disagree. It’s the thought that a loved one puts in and how well they actually know you which leaves an impact. Their presence or a phone call irrespective how busy they are indicates you are on their mind. The excitement definitely builds also for the individual gifting you. Case in point, the gleeful look my father had on making a note out flowers on the dining table or my mother placing post-its around the house.

A few of my friends have stated that on reaching 21 or even 18 years the celebrations die down and “its’ just like any other day”. Due to how I have been brought up and believe in -to each their own-, I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for them. Having at least 1 day out of 365 solely for us to feel extra special is something I have taken for granted. In my family, till this day irrespective of age birthdays are celebrated and we are there for each other. This is the philosophy I choose to live by not just for loved ones but for anyone, from a birthday wish to a chocolate that I may have on me

Food for thought- when was the last time you experienced that sheer joy and excitement you had during your childhood?  

One day in a year to feel extra special in my view is not being too greedy.

Nisha is a psychologist by profession. She and I have been friends for more than a decade, and live to tell the tale ;) She is a tiny person who packs quite a punch! 



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