Birthday Series: 11 Days to Go: My 28th Birthday

This is a guest post by Bragadeesh Prasanna.
I was having so much fun doing this series, that I wanted to share the fun, and get more people to join the party! :)

I have never written a guest post before. Ever. I feel privileged to be asked to write in another person’s website. And it is on a topic I adore. Birthdays. Well who doesn’t love Birthdays? Over the years, I have tried to make myself aloof on my birthday, to just go somewhere alone and reflect. This reflecting thing never worked for me. I found myself in the company of my friends every single birthday.

My birthday falls on the14th of April, which also happens to be Tamil New Year. So every year my birthday is a government holiday and a reason for everybody in Tamil Nadu to celebrate it as well. But on 2014, my 28th birthday, it was a little more special. Anybody who follows cricket would know about IPL (Indian Premier League) and if they know about IPL, they should know about Chennai Super Kings (CSK), the club cricket team of my state and city. I am a diehard fan of CSK. Given the reputation of Captain Dhoni, CSK’s matches are mostly be scheduled on holidays to ensure maximum turn out at the stadium. Whenever there was a match on April 14th , I cancelled all the plans with my friends and I cut the cake at home with one eye on the cake and the other fixed on the television to see the magic unfold as CSK played.

My friends let out a collective sigh of relief when the 2014 IPL calendar came out. CSK vs RCB game was scheduled on 13th April. I was also happy that I could spend my birthday with my friends. It was a Sunday evening; as usual we had brought in bottles of Cola and Chips and settled before the television set. The match was between the so called arch rivals. Royal Challengers Bangalore had some great batsmen in their line up. Though Chris Morris removed the dangerous man Gayle early in the innings, Kohli and AB Devillers notched up enviable half centuries to take RCB to a decent total of 165 runs.

At 9:30 pm CSK started batting. We lost both our openers within four overs. It hurt particularly to see Mike Hussey back in the den as he was always at his best when it comes to Bangalore. CSK as a team always peaked at the end of the tournament. Though we were ready for a loss, it bothered me that the 12 O clock celebration was not going to be the same that year. Soon our local guy Badrinath joined Raina forming a pretty decent partnership. At the end of tenth over, CSK were 64 for two, almost needing 10 runs per over for the remaining 10 overs. When Raina got out to a short ball in the next over, in walked Dhoni. Jadeja shortly joined him.

By 11:30 pm, my mobile started ringing, because a lot of people wanted to wish me first and most of them were ready to stay on the line for half an hour to do so. The match had just gathered full momentum and I was not able to give my attention to both. One friend was hell bent on being on line and the match had reached its penultimate over. Dhoni decided to go big and got out. I was disappointed. He was the only hope we had and I couldn’t keep it out of my voice. My friend said “I will leave you alone for a while Brags. Call me when you are free.” That was the time the whole world was making fun of Jadeja, calling him Sir Jadeja and what not. The last over needed 16 runs for the win. With a six and four in consecutive deliveries, Jadeja brought down the equation to a gettable 6 from four balls. However, some decent bowling restricted him and the last ball needed two runs to win.

Jadeja had different ideas. He tried to cut an uppish ball, straight to the fielder in third man. The moment the bat hit the ball, Jadeja was off like a flash and but completed only one run. We, the audience slumped in confused. The RCB camp was celebrating and that’s when everybody noticed the umpire who had his hand stretched horizontally, meaning it was NO Ball, adding another run to CSK! CSK had won the match! It was one of the most ultimately thrilling finishes by CSK and the celebrations started exactly at midnight. I called my friend with such excitement only to get an earful about how CSK was important than her call. But, what a way to start a birthday!
You can watch the highlights HERE.

The whole of Chennai celebrated my birthday with pomp and celebration in 2014. Much like the match, my 28th year was a roller coaster ride, from losing a job to finding a job again and going on to lead a BPO on my own.

Well how did you celebrate your 28th?

I never knew this! Always nice to be a part of someone’s life a little bit by reading about it.

Thank you Brags for sharing such a fun memory!

Bragadeesh Prasanna lives a young adult’s dream. He’s an author/ entrepreneur. A social media marketer by profession,  Added to which, he is a voracious reader, and is a part of various clubs and groups. He is an active member of the community, and still makes time for all his friends.

His book “300 Days” published about a year ago is a hauntingly beautiful novel. [Available HERE]

You can follow him through: Blog (  / Instagram (mrniceguy467 )


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