Birthday Series: 12 Days to Go: Wish Upon a Candle

[We had a long weekend, and I was busy making a birthday gift for myself ;)]

Legend has it that the smoke from fires take wishes and messages straight to the heavens. Long ago in Greece, people believed that on special days like birthdays, a cake given as an offering to the Goddess Artemis, strongly associated with the moon. The cake was typically round, depicting the moon itself, and candles were lit on it, symbolising the light that came from the moon. When blown out, it was believed that the smoke that rose carried with it the wishes made, straight to the moon herself.

This is a custom still widely followed in many parts of the world.

Variations of this tradition include having as many candles as the age being stepped into, and having to blow out all the candles in one go for the wishes to come true.

Making that wish on the birthday candle is a glorious feeling. We wait eagerly for the song to get done with, and more often than not, one has their eyes squeezed shut - lest the power of the wish escapes through the gaps. I generally tend to repeat the wish at least a couple of times. Mostly three - got to make sure the Gods above hear it, y'know?

I don't remember most of my wishes. Probably momentary hopes and dreams.
However, I do remember that satisfaction right after the wish is made - Yes, I've handed it over to the universe now. It will take care :)

I've been pretty blessed I tell you!

Have you made a birthday wish? Even grudgingly if a non believer?


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