Birthday Series: -10: The Birthday Roller coaster

Every year, as my dad's birthday approaches (On April 9th, exactly a month before my birthday) and with all the birthday planning, my excitement for birthdays steadily rises. Post my dad's birthday the excitement specifically directed at my birthday rises. I contain it till it's about 20 days to go, and then I'm jumping.
I'm planning. I'm wishing. I'm dreaming. I'm excited.
As the day approaches though, the excitement climbs to levels that lead to questions like "Is this really worth the hype?"
Or I'm just plain tired from being that excited.
So I get into a state of ; I want to just curl up and sleep.
Like now.
As it gets closer to the date though, the excitement will rise yet again.
For now I'm at "Oh, I don't have anything new to wear for the birthday, apart from that fancy skirt. Meh. I'll sleep in my shorts"


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