Writer's Block

What does a writer's block cause?

Is it having too little to write about? Or too much?

Is it because you found someone who cares about what you say - so you don't feel the need to write it anymore? Or is it because one decides (or realizes?) that no one cares anyway - so why bother writing?

Is it because there's too much bothering you? Or nothing at all?

Is it because there isn't time?
Or there isn't motivation to find it?

Is it because a pause became a period?

Or because a cause became a deterrent?

Is it here to stay?
Can I use this to nudge it away?

Do I want to write again?
I muse as I see a myriad of things already written.

By others.
Not me.

But why do I write?
I wonder
Then I remember

I am an anonymous blogger
With so few followers, one doesn't need a counter

Yet I don't write for them
Hell, I don't even write for me
I write for the words that need to be spilt
Or within me, they will wilt.
Words, phrases, sentences, poems
They flow out till they feel at home
Or just dance as they please
Finding meaning with ease

Yes, I need to write.
It's not a want.
It's not an option.
It's not even a choice.
It just is.

So write I shall.

With or without
Through or throughout
This damned block.


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