Going the Distance

Long ago, back in simpler times - when life was in black and white; when people said "Trust is essential in any relationship" I used to think - "D'uh.  Isn't that obvious!" I used to wonder why they bothered stating simple facts.

Back then, when people remarked "Blood is thicker than water" - I wondered why? I loved my friends as much and would rely on them for anything.

When people quoted; "If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you're travelling far, go with someone" I used to think, go alone, and then you'd reach soon anyway.


I decided to try out how it would be to travel with someone. To see if the distance was reduced. And this experiment helped me learn a little bit more about trust.

You see, the "Travel with someone to shorten distance" has a catch. You need to be able to either completely trust that person/ those people, or you should just not care at all. In both these extreme scenarios, you might just enjoy the journey, and it probably won't seem as long.

And Trust - oh how much packed into that little word!

When you trust that someone is going to feed you, or that someone is looking for food with you, you are willing to go along with them till you get it. But if suddenly they say "I wish I could get you food. I'm not certain we will find food" then the hunger that was tucked away neatly will come out roaring. Unwilling to be pacified by the trust that someone may or may not be helping you out. Because you see, you are suddenly not in the journey together. Their motive or their destination is probably different from yours. Even if the destination or the purpose were the same, even if, with all good intentions they do want to find the food with or for you - the commitment that was once taken as granted is no more there.

This is why they say blood is thicker than water. Because family, even if they had different destinations, they would still ensure you reach yours. So you can safely go along. That commitment is a given to any who enjoy a close a loving family. What about friends? Yes. We find those gems, and they become like family as we go along.

If you want to travel fast, go alone
If you're not travelling far, and you're in no hurry, find random company
If you're travelling far, then go with someone you trust and can become as good as your own blood.


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