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How to Cancel Vehicle Hypothecation (Tamil Nadu)

I closed my car loan earlier this year (around April actually!) and have been meaning to get this done for a while. But have been putting it off expecting it to take a long time. Finally today, as the year is almost coming to an end, I decided to just get it over with no matter how long it took. And it didn't much time at all!!
I wanted to get this done myself after finding out earlier this year that a visa agent was charging Rs.11,000 when I could do it myself for Rs.8500!
After checking with a few friends, I found that many are yet to complete this process, or went through agents for this. But we can do this ourselves!

So here are the steps:

When does this have to be done
When the vehicle loan you've taken is paid off to the bankAnd the bank has acknowledged the same by giving:No Dues LetterForm 35 (2 Copies)Letter acknowledging the request for Hypothecation
Documents required to be submitted: Registration Certificate - RC Original (Keep a copy for your car or bike)Form 35 from …

Going the Distance

Long ago, back in simpler times - when life was in black and white; when people said "Trust is essential in any relationship" I used to think - "D'uh.  Isn't that obvious!" I used to wonder why they bothered stating simple facts.

Back then, when people remarked "Blood is thicker than water" - I wondered why? I loved my friends as much and would rely on them for anything.

When people quoted; "If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you're travelling far, go with someone" I used to think, go alone, and then you'd reach soon anyway.


I decided to try out how it would be to travel with someone. To see if the distance was reduced. And this experiment helped me learn a little bit more about trust.

You see, the "Travel with someone to shorten distance" has a catch. You need to be able to either completely trust that person/ those people, or you should just not care at all. In both these extreme scenarios, you might just e…