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The swing beside her

'When it's close to midnight, and the claws of the menstrual cramps are sinking their iron grips deeper and deeper, there is not much a girl can do - other than to lie in whatever position that best soothes that moment' Kayla thought ruefully, if not a tad dramatically. But the pulsating pain that was quite literally a bit too close to the bone probably justified the dramatics - if any.
Her new found safe position of the moment had had her moving away from the deeply engrossing activity of counting the concentric circles on her sheet, as she'd laid there. Now just the black walls stared back at her curiously. She couldn't find anything amusing on the walls. The brush strokes were too close to count unfortunately.
The blessed soul who was her boyfriend had gone to sleep without a care in the world, and the pain on her back - the real thing, was keeping her occupied and disabling from mustering energy to spend on being angry at him. So she'd decided to pin that f…