In Case You Were Wondering

Would I feel sad if you picked her over me?
I would
Would I stop you from doing so?
Probably not
Would I regret it?
Would you know that I did?
Did I turn back to see you, as I walked away alone?
I did. From where I knew you couldn't see me anymore
Did I wish you turned back too?
I know you did. I saw your shaddow. I was watching for it to come and stop me.
Did I feel elated when you did come after me?
That shock I expressed on my face? It wasn't fear, it was pleasant surprise.
Did I feel anything at all when I sent you away again?
It broke my heart
Why would I do it then?
Because it felt like the right thing to do.
Couldn't I just let go of all the 'why not possible's and give this a chance?
I try to, everytime time I bury my face inside your hug
How can I still walk away? Let you walk away?
Because I should let you go. And cause sadness always sinks in a little later for me.

Will it at least hurt me to let you go?
I guess so. If I know myself at all, it's gonna be terrible.

Will you ever know that I hurt (too)?
I hope not.

Did I love you at all?
I always wished I could tell you that.


mahesh said…
Overflow of emotions -- hope all is well??

No longer get to see #happyJen posts either.

Take care.