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Clap your way to a happy house!

Gone are the days when being tended to for beauty services at the comfort of one’s own home is considered a luxury. Also, quickly going are the days when one has to scramble for an appointment with their stylist or specialist.
Everything is available at the tip of our fingers and a call away.
As a young adult, I used to wonder how I would ever face the world of home responsibilities. Be it plumbing issues, or pest control issues, or cleaning issues – my parents always seemed to know a guy. I didn’t (and still don’t!) know my own neighbours! Repairing appliances was a headache beyond no other. How do you find someone to repair a mixie? Funnily, my grandma is more up to date on that. She knows repair guys who have these tiny shops streets away. I could never fathom how she found them, and even when I do take her (and our mixie) to those places, I, more often than not, cannot find my way back from there. And if they’re away like at lunch, or have decided to close shop early, we just hav…

Bottoms Up !

"Dude, it's time. Take the first sip." S said, nursing his own glass.

"I don't think I want to bro" R gave a dirty look at the liquid

"Hey c'mon da! How could this be your first ever! Just drink already" J huffed. She was already half way through her first drink.

R gingerly picked up his glass, took it close to his lips, took a deeeeep breath. And kept it back down immediately. "It smells so bad bro" he pleaded, looking at S.

S was busy trying to suppress laughter. Not really succeeding. "Just try it. It grows on you."

Not many knew this side of R. Or expected it either. The big guy, who was built like a defender shirking away from a drink.

R tried J with a different strategy this time; "I'm sure it tastes bad. What's the point of drinking this!"

When met with just a steely glare, he resigned himself to it, and took a teensie weensie sip.
"Eeewww. Why why why!!!"

J and S laughed away, amused at R…

Characters Lost in the First Chapter

She drove like an autobot. Eyes fixed on the road. Mindless music in a different language played in the background, but she paid no heed to it.
“Duds” he had called them. Not knowing that he had lent the most accurate word to describe himself. “I have met and spoken to many duds before, but not any good ones like you, you know?” He’d said. 
Another one bites the dust, she thought. 
It’s like those characters from the first chapter of a great romance. That little paragraph that describes those relationships past. Characters that get lost somewhere in between words like “There were many before” or “There were those who were decent, but didn’t make it”, sometimes even, “There had been that one guy she met at a café - arranged of course – they had connected like two pieces in a jig-saw puzzle, spoke nonstop for the next three days, and then something led to some other and it had gone kaput.”
Even the really good ones just get a line extra if they’re lucky. Does time spent on it matter? Some…