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When the flood gates opened

She held it in for so many days She didn’t know she could at the beginning Then she thought she would forever But it wasn’t going to stay bottled in The sobs that were caught in her throat The tears that had been brutally blinked away All waited to gush out
An almost friend who wouldn’t fight for her The father who blamed her for what was obviously not her fault The patriarchy The friend who pointed out her flaws (Maybe he always did, but hey! Terrible timing this) Work pressure on and off The fights that people decided to pick just then The grandma who was disappointed The weight that just wouldn’t decrease, darn it! To do lists that didn’t seem to end The bank balance, and the salary day so far off!
Maybe any of these by themselves Even many at a time Might have been battles win-able But all at the same time Steely forge ahead, she did Even win many an argument along the way Pretended she didn’t care about What she shouldn’t be caring about But take a toll on her, it did
So then it happened She got up to showe…

A hand in hers

"I'm HUNGRRRYYYYY" he exclaimed again loudly, tugging at the seat belt.
The fact that he had eaten almost half a cake just twenty minutes ago didn't seem to change anything.
For an eight-year-old, he was still much smaller than most of his counterparts in his age. So his feet didn't reach the floor of the car. Far from, and they were now kicking at the seat.
Anna knew another silent tantrum was coming up. So she tried to mentally calm herself and concentrate on the road.
"Just a haircut, and I'll get you ice cream" She tried
"I don't need a haircut. It's fine. I need food" He declared
It wasn't fine. It was at least six inches long.
"They'll cut it really quick Noah. If not, your head will itch"
"It won't. You're making that up. You just want to punish me." He said and went quiet.
It wasn't loud or exclamatory this time. He sounded like he believed it.Noah had come into their lives just about…

The Internet, The Things and The People

The world is not what it used to be. We're more connected for starters. It's now possible to stay in touch with someone at the other end of the world in real time and at a fraction of the cost of yesteryears.

In the last 2.5 ...3 decades, the Internet has come up from an idea to a concept, and now to the established, unshakeable reality that it is today. Withdrawals and addiction to the internet have become common. That said, we the users cannot deny that it does make the world an easier place for us to live in.

A little too easy at times. We don't have to get lost, lesser things get lost in translation, the limelight covers a far wider region than it used to, we stay in touch with many more friends! (The quality of those relationships is another debate) Yes, the internet is a double-edged sword - but more and more of a necessary evil. One that is now spreading its wings wider.

I heard about the Internet of Things in a serious context less than a year ago. Conceptually, it…