Between Now and Forever – A book review

A story about a young man and woman who get a second chance at true love, against the backdrop of the beautiful tea estates of Darjeeling, written by Meera Shivashankar.

Now and forever was an easy read, Meera’s kept the chapters precise and swift

I loved the pacing and the flow of the first half of the book. It jumped from character to character, rather than chapter to chapter. All woven together by a smooth and tight plot setting thread. The second half, once the plot was set moved by rather quickly.

There were quite a few strong dialogues that had me rereading those bits, just because I really liked it.

That said, the book was sprinkled with more exclamations than strictly necessary. That was a bit distracting.

Romance took a strong foreground. What started as a complex web of problems were neatly entangled by the protagonist and the ending had all loose ends tied into a pretty bow.

I would have loved to explore more of the lovely emotions between the characters, that Meera got building especially between Abhi and little Sammy.

The romance was hot and happening, and it sure makes one wish for a love like that. At the end of the day, that’s what books are for right? Letting us believe in what could be!