Those moments of weakness

Those moments ...
When you don't long for that person
But wish their presence next to you
When you frantically search through a hundred mails just to find that deleted number ...
To save it
Just so you can look at the latest display picture.
Reassure yourself that they're doing fine
Ask the universe to let them know that you're fine too
-Despite these moments-
If they ever wondered, that is.
Those moments
When you close your eyes
And you're caught between a smile and a tear
And a strong wave of nostalgia
Remembering that feeling
When you imagine the scenario of bumping into each other
Practice what you would say
How you would look
And react
Run it over in your head
Just so that, when that moment arrives
The moment you dread and anticipate
You're not stuck staring
Like a blubbering fool
Ah well
Those moments when you wish..
Just to, for a brief moment, remember how it used to feel
How life used to be
Who you used to be.


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