Theres this little creature in my life. It had been very quiet and MIA for a couple of days last April. We'd even given a shout out in the family whatsapp group, and got no response. And then there I was, scrolling aimlessly through my facebook feed - like we are wont to do these days, and I FOUND IT !!!

This is how that scene played out:

Me: I found it!!! (Excited and tickled)

Dad: What? (Looking disinterested)

Me: *Thrusts photo in front of his face*

Dad: (still not interested) Whats that?

Me: See see SEEE !!!

Dad: Is that the carrot?!

Me:Yess !!!

Dad: Idhukka avala anga annupi uttaen!! (Is this why I sent her there ?!)


Dad: No wonder she s been so quiet *sigh*

Oh the hilarity in suddenly finding your sister (I'm almost sure that purple thing is she 😉) [who is supposed to be busy with projects and reports, I must add!] all dunked in colours and grinning away to glory! 

This is a fond memory that I'm happy to be documenting and sharing!

This is also my entry in the 'tagged' contest by author Kaarthika along with 'the Chennai bloggers club' - with the theme of Fun or Memorable moment with Facebook :)

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Kaarthika said…
Isn't it always nice to deduce and complain to your parents about what your siblings are upto?? :)

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