Mantra ...Quietly gorgeous

I've crossed Mantra many many times. It has always made me curious, so one fine Saturday I finally decided to step in.

Mantra is an Ornamental Interior Decoration outlet – which sells Bronze ornaments. There are both religious artifacts as well as well thought out creative home décor items.

Their product line ranges from small statuettes, even pen holders, candle stands, lamps to medium sized center-pieces, wall hangings, statues to huge works of art. Most of the bronze work is designed personally by the owning couple – adding a personal touch to the whole experience.

The artifacts are finished with gold / silver/ copper and bronze coating. Mostly, each item has multiple colours – brought out by various combinations of the coating metals. These finishes give the metal artifacts a retro look – where the antique and modern are married off in style. Quitely gorgeous 

Going into their shop is like stepping into a small museum. The products span over two floors. Strategically planned and spaced out.

Though they do have an online store – they sell a lot of the customized bronze artifacts only in their outlets.

It’s definitely worth a look into.