Happy hair :)

I've been blessed with good hair.
If you ask my hair, it'll tell you that it's a curse.
I've been using the excuse of having low maintenance hair to scrunch it up, and in many ways abusing the poor thing.

It really had fallen to a sad state in the past few months. I kept telling myself that I will do something about it, and that luckily happened when Bounce Hair Salon decided to promote Moroccan Oil.

So off I went to Bounce Anna Nagar assuring my hair (knotted up in an unseemly bun) that things will be better - so don't lose hope! Trust me, my hair thanks me now. It's happy again! And begging me to not stop treating it to Moroccan Oil!

A sweet hair specialist analyzed my hair (kindly not glaring at me for the state at which my hair was!) She directed the stylist to wash my hair with Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo, post which my hair was treated to an Intense Hydrating Mask and left to absorb the moisture.

As this was happening, and my poor hair was being richly revived, I asked her about the Moroccan Oil. You see, I had assumed that it was just an oil, but obviously turns out that the spa included Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Mask as well. So she set out to tell me the story - and we love stories!

It all began a long time ago when the lady who founded the brand ended up with a botched hair coloring job. Her hair which was supposed to end up in Auburn or some dark shade had ended up bright red. She had to get to a wedding at Morrocco, and since recolouring hair immediately after it's colored is not advised, she decided to get to Morrocco and get it fixed there.

She went there and landed at a small salon there. The stylist she noticed, first used an oil on her hair before applying the correct color. Being from a nation where oil is not used all that much on hair - she was apprehensive but didn't show it. When the hair coloring was done, and he went on to use the oil on her hair again - she freaked out this time. But being in a foreign country, she didn't show it.

On leaving to the wedding. however, she noticed that her hair felt not just soft and smooth but completely alive. And it smelt great!

She went back to the salon and found out that the oil used was the famous Argon Oil from Morrocco. She bought quite a few bottles of those and took them back with her to the States. There she made her stylist use it for her hair, and also shared it with many of her friends. 

When they came back to her, asking for more, raving about the awesomeness of the Argon Oil, she knew she had to get down and do something about this! She went back to Morrocco, decided to partner with that Salonist who introduced this oil to her - she patented it - and named the brand Moroccan Oil so everyone knows that it's the famous oil from Morrocco,

And thanks to her efforts, my hair is completely happy now!

The story got done as my hair was well hydrated by the mask. The stylist then gave me the bestest of hair massages with Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment Oil.

It's been a good 4 days and my hair is still really really happy :) I've got myself a bottle of Moroccan Oil Hair treatment, and I know it's gonna be awesome!


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