27 - A Year in Review

Yet another year is over ...
I am now Twenty Eight years old!
I don't consciously feel it yet. But I know it has happened - know it not just from the number but also because of where and how I am in life.
The Twenty Seventh year was a testimony to that.

Prominent Achievements:
  1. I bought a car - not a starting, base segment car, but a decent mid segment hatchback. FINALLY!
    AND, I've paid off the loan for it, so it's completely mine now!
  2. The story I wrote got published (again, finally!) - Crystal Cacophony
    So I'm one step closer to the dream ;)
  3. I switched jobs. I finished exactly 3 years with my last organization, and now I'm in yet another brilliant organization with an amazing multinational team, with a bigger scope of responsibility and getting to do all that I love!
  4. I went as a Guest Speaker - to a university, to speak to a bunch of  MBA grad students.
Happy Things:
  1. I have learned to drive comfortably now. (Thanks to very patient friend who helped expedite this process!)
  2. I wrote and blogged more over the last year - happy to be writing a lot again!
  3. I tasted some amazing yummy food - ate a lot!
  4. Family, as always was there anytime needed :)
  5. I have good friends - and I'm blessed to have them!
Major Regrets:
  1. Having to let go of a few really amazing people who were in my life. For not being able to like/ love them as much as they did me, and the imbalance was obviously not fair on any of us.
  2. No international travel last year
  3. I didn't stand up strong enough for myself during a case of harassment.  
  4. I ate too much :/ And didn't balance it with working out enough. 
Major Lessons Learnt:
  1. Life goes on.
  2. No point complaining if you're not going to do something about it!
  3. If I want something, really want something, I can find it by all means available to me
  4. Gifts don't necessarily buy love. Neither does good food. But Food is closer.
That was the year when I experienced an actual flood. Saw water surround the house. We were some of the lucky ones who didn't incur heavy damage. 
That was the year when the biggest awesome things that happened to me were almost all in my control - it made me realize that being a grown-up is not so bad after all. Being single and accomplished is something I am - something I am proud of. 

Personal life wise - very calm. Maintained status quo. Maybe I needed that stability there while I established professionally. And now I'm ready to make things happen in this arena as well. Maybe!

Twenty Seven ...in retrospect, you've been a good year!
You've helped me dig deep into myself to find the courage, resilience, will power and positivity to march on ahead. For that, thank you :)

Look forward to how the Twenty Eight is going to be!

Yours always,

Someday's Dreamer 


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