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Mantra ...Quietly gorgeous

I've crossed Mantra many many times. It has always made me curious, so one fine Saturday I finally decided to step in.
Mantra is an Ornamental Interior Decoration outlet – which sells Bronze ornaments. There are both religious artifacts as well as well thought out creative home dรฉcor items.
Their product line ranges from small statuettes, even pen holders, candle stands, lamps to medium sized center-pieces, wall hangings, statues to huge works of art. Most of the bronze work is designed personally by the owning couple – adding a personal touch to the whole experience.
The artifacts are finished with gold / silver/ copper and bronze coating. Mostly, each item has multiple colours – brought out by various combinations of the coating metals. These finishes give the metal artifacts a retro look – where the antique and modern are married off in style. Quitely gorgeous 
Going into their shop is like stepping into a small museum. The products span over two floors. Strategically planned and …


Theres this little creature in my life. It had been very quiet and MIA for a couple of days last April. We'd even given a shout out in the family whatsapp group, and got no response. And then there I was, scrolling aimlessly through my facebook feed - like we are wont to do these days, and I FOUND IT !!!

This is how that scene played out:

Me: I found it!!! (Excited and tickled)

Dad: What? (Looking disinterested)

Me: *Thrusts photo in front of his face*

Dad: (still not interested) Whats that?

Me: See see SEEE !!!

Dad: Is that the carrot?!

Me:Yess !!!

Dad: Idhukka avala anga annupi uttaen!! (Is this why I sent her there ?!)


Dad: No wonder she s been so quiet *sigh*
Oh the hilarity in suddenly finding your sister (I'm almost sure that purple thing is she ๐Ÿ˜‰) [who is supposed to be busy with projects and reports, I must add!] all dunked in colours and grinning away to glory! 

This is a fond memory that I'm happy to be documenting and sharing!
This is also my entry in the …

Black heart

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3
Chapter 4
It had been eight years.
Since watching someone else getting blamed and prosecuted for what he had done. He had perfectly orchestrated the arrest of his carefully prepared scapegoat. Of course, the scapegoat did deserve it, also, he didn’t like the competition. And the idiot was stupid enough to leave trails.
Oh, it had been thrilling. The press, the publicity. Everyone talking about his amazing act. He had been the hero. Well, the others would have considered him the villain, but he knew that a villain is just what the scared people called the hero.
It had been hilarious to watch how they treated him like the hero but referred to his actions – which they obviously were too stupid to realize – as villainous.
After the buzz had died down, he had decided to lay low for a while. There was some limelight near him, and he didn’t want to be in it. He was too clever, too great to get caught by being careless. When the cravings had been too strong, he’d be…

After the Floods

It has been six months since Chennai last saw rain. Six months since the greatest flood the state had witnessed in a hundred years! Six months since the water started drying, the land became dry, and the ground water scarcity started cropping up again

Two months since the use of geysers dwindled to a slow stop. Since the summer collections became famous in retail outlets. Since watermelons started being stacked up on roadsides.

One month since the temperatures soared so high that we wondered if we would all roast right here. One month since deliberations began about the actual position of Chennai / Tamil Nadu being closer to the Sun than Mercury is. One month since the Mango season begun.

Yes, almost every Chennai-ite prayed for a relief from being constantly scorched every day. A relief from all the incessant sweating. A relief from the heat. All that heat. So much heat! Heat from the sky...heat in the air… heat from the darned earth!

Three days since the rain begun. It hasn’t stopp…

Happy hair :)

I've been blessed with good hair.
If you ask my hair, it'll tell you that it's a curse.
I've been using the excuse of having low maintenance hair to scrunch it up, and in many ways abusing the poor thing.

It really had fallen to a sad state in the past few months. I kept telling myself that I will do something about it, and that luckily happened when Bounce Hair Salon decided to promote Moroccan Oil.

So off I went to Bounce Anna Nagar assuring my hair (knotted up in an unseemly bun) that things will be better - so don't lose hope! Trust me, my hair thanks me now. It's happy again! And begging me to not stop treating it to Moroccan Oil!

A sweet hair specialist analyzed my hair (kindly not glaring at me for the state at which my hair was!) She directed the stylist to wash my hair with Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo, post which my hair was treated to an Intense Hydrating Mask and left to absorb the moisture.

As this was happening, and my poor hair was being…

27 - A Year in Review

Yet another year is over ...
I am now Twenty Eight years old!
I don't consciously feel it yet. But I know it has happened - know it not just from the number but also because of where and how I am in life.
The Twenty Seventh year was a testimony to that.

Prominent Achievements:
I bought a car - not a starting, base segment car, but a decent mid segment hatchback. FINALLY!
AND, I've paid off the loan for it, so it's completely mine now!The story I wrote got published (again, finally!) - Crystal Cacophony
So I'm one step closer to the dream ;)I switched jobs. I finished exactly 3 years with my last organization, and now I'm in yet another brilliant organization with an amazing multinational team, with a bigger scope of responsibility and getting to do all that I love!I went as a Guest Speaker - to a university, to speak to a bunch of  MBA grad students. Happy Things: I have learned to drive comfortably now. (Thanks to very patient friend who helped expedite this process!)…

No More Tears?

I had gone to conference on Gender Equality a couple of weeks back. It was organized eWIT (Empowering Women in IT).
The conference had many amazing sessions, about the various facets of women in the work place – Health, being empowered, finding their niche, The identity of Women away from their men, and so on. Among these was a panel discussion with many questions ranging from “How did you find your place in your organization?” to “What’s the toughest thing you’ve had to do as a woman?” and “How do I survive in the male dominated world”.
This is when it happened – one of the women panelists (there were two men in the panel as well) chose to answer “My male counter parts are not letting my reach my full potential by coddling me and patronizing me. How do I deal with this?”
Her answer was standard – “Make sure that the quality of work that you deliver is the best and in no way less than that of your male counter parts. Once you’ve established, if it still continues, call your manager and …

Turning Organizational Culture Around - Life at Ramco : A Case Study

Organizational Culture is something that's in the DNA of every organization. We all experience it, and read about it, and some of us study it. It's there, it's essential, and it's not a deniable variable of an organization's overall experience.
Over the last couple of decades, organizational culture has been gaining tremendous importance. The concept of "Best Places to Work For" have become a popular and established method of assessing an organization's quality and worth even. 
'How to make the workplace suitable for the Millenials' is a discussion that most HR professionals have witnessed / attended / if not directly been a part of. And a question that many companies are having to face.
How does one keep the- easily distracted, not exactly loyal, adventurous and comfortable with quitting to find a better fit or even just to find oneself - workforce as their workforce? The recruitment teams are stronger than ever.  [Almost 30 years ago (Just 30 yea…

Those moments of weakness

Those moments ...
When you don't long for that person
But wish their presence next to you When you frantically search through a hundred mails just to find that deleted number ...
To save it
Just so you can look at the latest display picture.
Reassure yourself that they're doing fine
Ask the universe to let them know that you're fine too
-Despite these moments-
If they ever wondered, that is. Those moments
When you close your eyes
And you're caught between a smile and a tear
And a strong wave of nostalgia
Remembering that feeling When you imagine the scenario of bumping into each other
Practice what you would say
How you would look
And react
Run it over in your head
Just so that, when that moment arrives
The moment you dread and anticipate
You're not stuck staring
Like a blubbering fool Ah well Those moments when you wish.. Just to, for a brief moment, remember how it used to feel
How life used to be
Who you used to be.