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He Said Yes - (Final) Part 3

The Third Yes

( Here are the links to Part 1 & Part 2 )

It had been a month. An amazingly perfect month. She could have sworn that she heard the click in her head, indicating perfect harmony in life again.
After he had replied, they had got talking. He, for very understandable reasons, had been very angry at her. Her e-mail a long time ago had left him speechless. He had taken a long time to even digest that she didn’t want to talk to him anymore. Out of the blue. It had been so enraging even as a thought, that he had decided to stay quiet just to spite her – certain that she would get back and say the idea was stupid, and they should just be friends again.
He had been waiting for her to come back, so he could go “HA”. The timing of him being able to get back to her was lost. He had slipped into sadness, and back to anger.
But she hadn’t gotten back …days, weeks and months.
Till that day, three years later.
He had seen the message and had to check thrice to ensure that the name d…