And Then She Overcame

She was all of nineteen
When her world had come crashing down on her
All of nineteen
Just a girl who was a teen
Her pillar, her support system
What felt like her everything –
The one who had given meaning to her life
Had to move on to a better place
Leaving here behind here

Not alone
But it felt so, so alone
To face everything on her own
To live life in a way she’d never known

She’d thought then that life would end
The world as she had known it, had after all done just that
She had thought that happiness would be a thing of the past
Nothing she loved would ever last
And she would always stay this way – Aghast
But no
She overcame

At first, her laughter was forced
They had sounded so fake in her head
She thought cynical was the best she could do

At first, she smiled for others
She smiled to show them that she would be fine
She smiled to stop the pity in their eyes
She smiled to prove that she could
When she realized that they cared

Her smiles became sadder
For she knew that they knew
They knew that she was trying too hard
She knew that they wanted her to move on
Because they wanted her to be alright
She knew that they were right
And that made her sad

Because a part of her believed
That letting go of the pain,
Would mean that she was letting go of the memories as well
That she would be letting go of who she was
The only who she had known to be
And she would have to accept
The SHE that she would be

It wasn’t easy
It didn’t happen fast
But eventually it did
She let herself smile
Not for others,
But for herself
And before she knew it,
There was laughter
A new her

She had overcome
The sadness
She had overcome
The pain
She had learnt to treasure her memories
To hold on to them dearly
And let them make her a better person
A stronger person
And stronger also because she had overcome

I wrote this motivated by the "Struggled but Overcame" series contest for CBC


ramesh pb said…
A moving poem. I'm wondering if this is how my little cat should have felt about me. I cared for it, adored it and lavished all my love and affection on it. Finally, a day came when people started catching cats in long nets and stuffing them into gunny bags for disposal. I couldn't prevent the apartment residents association from doing it. They came repeatedly for her.I had to leave it at Blue cross in 2 X 2 mesh box some 15 days ago. Looking for some loving home to adopt it now because my home is no longer safe.

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