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And Then She Overcame

She was all of nineteen When her world had come crashing down on her All of nineteen Just a girl who was a teen Her pillar, her support system What felt like her everything – The one who had given meaning to her life Had to move on to a better place Leaving here behind here
Not alone But it felt so, so alone To face everything on her own To live life in a way she’d never known
She’d thought then that life would end The world as she had known it, had after all done just that She had thought that happiness would be a thing of the past Nothing she loved would ever last And she would always stay this way – Aghast But no She overcame
At first, her laughter was forced They had sounded so fake in her head She thought cynical was the best she could do
At first, she smiled for others She smiled to show them that she would be fine She smiled to stop the pity in their eyes She smiled to prove that she could When she realized that they cared
Her smiles became sadder For she knew that they knew T…

Broken string

She held him tight Looked deep into his eyes And told him she loved him

He held on tighter Blinked away the tears And nodded
Wishing those words were true

Not knowing she meant it

She realized and let it be.

Exploring the Wild Side at The Wild Tribe : Part 1 : The Obstacle Course

The safety harness was all strapped in, and safety rope in place and the gritty determination and the excitement on my face were quite evident.

Flashback: Chennai Bloggers Club was having registrations open for an Experience and Explore an Adventure Park - Wild Tribe Ranch event. Though I'm not an out and out outdoorsy person, I have gone through quite a bit of WipeOut and Takeshi's Castle during my dinner time and gone:  "Pshaw! He couldn't event do that right!" At every guy or girl who took too long at an obstacle course.
Present Day: Now that I was all strapped in, and stood staring at the looming length of wooden planks hanging ...dangling away rather, by ropes, I had new found respect for every winner, loser and even the attempters of those obstacle courses!
Going up the stairs to the first level of the two levels was easy enough. Once there, looking at the many different courses - now that's where the fear kicks in, and the adrenaline is pumped in as if …