Thursday, March 31, 2016

And Then She Overcame

She was all of nineteen
When her world had come crashing down on her
All of nineteen
Just a girl who was a teen
Her pillar, her support system
What felt like her everything –
The one who had given meaning to her life
Had to move on to a better place
Leaving here behind here

Not alone
But it felt so, so alone
To face everything on her own
To live life in a way she’d never known

She’d thought then that life would end
The world as she had known it, had after all done just that
She had thought that happiness would be a thing of the past
Nothing she loved would ever last
And she would always stay this way – Aghast
But no
She overcame

At first, her laughter was forced
They had sounded so fake in her head
She thought cynical was the best she could do

At first, she smiled for others
She smiled to show them that she would be fine
She smiled to stop the pity in their eyes
She smiled to prove that she could
When she realized that they cared

Her smiles became sadder
For she knew that they knew
They knew that she was trying too hard
She knew that they wanted her to move on
Because they wanted her to be alright
She knew that they were right
And that made her sad

Because a part of her believed
That letting go of the pain,
Would mean that she was letting go of the memories as well
That she would be letting go of who she was
The only who she had known to be
And she would have to accept
The SHE that she would be

It wasn’t easy
It didn’t happen fast
But eventually it did
She let herself smile
Not for others,
But for herself
And before she knew it,
There was laughter
A new her

She had overcome
The sadness
She had overcome
The pain
She had learnt to treasure her memories
To hold on to them dearly
And let them make her a better person
A stronger person
And stronger also because she had overcome

I wrote this motivated by the "Struggled but Overcame" series contest for CBC

Friday, March 18, 2016

Broken string

She held him tight
Looked deep into his eyes
And told him she loved him

He held on tighter
Blinked away the tears
And nodded

Wishing those words were true

Not knowing she meant it

She realized and let it be.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Exploring the Wild Side at The Wild Tribe : Part 1 : The Obstacle Course

The safety harness was all strapped in, and safety rope in place and the gritty determination and the excitement on my face were quite evident.

Chennai Bloggers Club was having registrations open for an Experience and Explore an Adventure Park - Wild Tribe Ranch event. Though I'm not an out and out outdoorsy person, I have gone through quite a bit of WipeOut and Takeshi's Castle during my dinner time and gone: 
"Pshaw! He couldn't event do that right!" At every guy or girl who took too long at an obstacle course.

Present Day:
Now that I was all strapped in, and stood staring at the looming length of wooden planks hanging ...dangling away rather, by ropes, I had new found respect for every winner, loser and even the attempters of those obstacle courses!

Going up the stairs to the first level of the two levels was easy enough. Once there, looking at the many different courses - now that's where the fear kicks in, and the adrenaline is pumped in as if through a water hose to put out a fire. 

The obstacle course was more of a huge hexagonal iron structure with a beam at the center. There were iron rods connecting each of the sides and to the center as well. In between those were two levels of amazingly well thought out and interesting "Courses" which were made by combing ropes, wood, tires, tubes and what not!

(Pic of the Course as we were leaving - missing it already!)

For the next 3 or so minutes, as I stood facing the first course of level one, I was certain that I am never getting on those dangly planks, and almost gave up. But there were people watching, and there's dignity to protect ;) Oh to be human with all those conflicting emotions I tell you! So I mustered all the courage that laughing friends inspired in me, I turned the other way to a Net made of sturdier net, and decided I can do that! I would just hang on to those ropes for dear life, and get through it! Easier said than done really.

[Don't you think almost all things in life are easier said than done? Except the big L word maybe ... there it is (I feel) easier to demonstrate than say it. Of course, some do say it easily}

Just a random side thought - like the many that were going through my head as I very poorly tried to emulate spider man. I slowly got through that, and THAT my dearies is the moment when Adrenaline takes a back seat and you're thinking to yourself : "Hey I did that! Then I can probably do the rest as well" and then you really start having fun. Quite a bit of fear mixed in, but so much FUN!!!!!

I tried a relatively simple ropey bridge next.

Then it I tried some different wooden planks ... I accept that things got real shakey there, and I was doing pretty intense acrobatic moves (trying to not look too stupid ;) ) and worked my way through that. There were hanging tubes which I didn't even go near! (Picking my battles there!)

There was a fish net kinda bridge, that was so fun I tried it twice!

The tires were waaaayyyy too swingy for my liking, and I tried them just to make a point.

I loved how the safety rope navigation system was so well thought out, that you could let another pass through - when you just wanted to take a break, hug a pillar and feel calm and safe for a moment or two.

With so many friends around and questions like: "Hey, was that course easy?", "Did you get through that?!" bouncing around, and us being reassured that somebody else is facing the same things we are, and getting through it, so we can do it too! That motivating us to look around and tell someone "Don't worry, I was able to get through it, so you can do it too!" Good things those :)

It's also interesting how focused we become on a task when it gets so demanding of your attention - in the best possible way! A little like sinking into a lovely hug; while the whole world fades away for that moment!

Of course, this was a lot more challenging and a lot less comfortable than a hug. But that's the point. That's their point which they proudly claim - Get out of your comfort zone, and face the fear - We'll handle the safety!

My first life-size obstacle course was an amazing experience and I hope to go back there and conquer more of the levels, if not all !!! You should try it too ! Go gick the fear at the Wild Tribe Ranch :)

[This, of course, was jus the first of the many rides that were there. More to come in this space!]