Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Those moments in between

Those small moments in between
Sleep and wakefulness
When dreams are more real
Than reality's mildness
Where the possibilities are endless
Where infinity is existent
And is slowly coming to an end
Logically, mathematically - this makes no sense
But every he and she who remembers
Those moments as they go up in embers
Will know.

Those moments in between
They hold more memories
Than those of our lives lived
They hold more emotions
Than those in our consciousness felt
They hold more possibilities
Than those in our hearts believed

Those moments in between
With a mind and heart of their own
The time in it, we can never own
Just remember occasionally
Like I'm doing now
And smile or cry,
Or just let them go

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Have you ever done something that you never thought you would? Like using your entire life savings and taking out a huge loan and getting an impractical sports car?

Say you go on some crazy lobotomy inspired whim, and go ahead and do just that. It’s done. That moment gave you an amazing thrill. There is a sports car in your garage! Just the thought of that gets you excited, and you want to go and take it on a drive immediately.

BUT. Of course there’s that big but! D’uh. Anyway, so it’s running on the back of your head – “Should I just return it and get that semblance of sanity back in my life?”

But (Of course, there it is again!) … “But… I haven’t done something this exciting in a long time. Infact, I’ve never done it! And I really love driving this car! So can I please please pweeasseee keep it? I could give it back later! I can manage now..... Till something goes wrong. Like the car stops working, or I can’t pay my loan… or I really need that money, to be used in an essential project.”

“But…. If I had that money, I could be ready in case the essential project came up earlier”

What should one do?

Is there a right answer?