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Christmas Wishlist

So I thought I shouldn't put up wishlists ...but then they are a main part of waking dreams, so I'm gonna put it here anyway :)

My Christmas Wish list for the year!

Electronic whiskVacuum cleaner
(Am I becoming domesticated? :P) Daily Calendar with quotesGolf umbrellaBootsPeppy cheese balls
(What would my list be without something to eat o:) )

Disconnected - Day 8


How art thou?

Life is great here!

It's been 11 days since I made the decision to turn off my phone. 10 since I implemented the idea. Day 8, because I had it on intermittently for a couple of days during the flood here.

So how have the days been? What did I find out?

The biggest discovery that I have made is how free I feel mentally all the time.

I know I gave a long almost philosophical explanation to it all. I'm sure most of it holds true, and I have a few examples of instances to prove it too. But now I'm realizing that the reason I needed it more than anything was because of how having to be constantly connected or have something to do basically creates a STATIC in your brain.

With the phone, I remember finding it extremely difficult to focus. I often forgot things. It was tough to sit or stay idle for more than a few minutes. It felt as if that time could be used - either to play, or watch a video on the phone, or just scroll through mindless repetitive face…

Disconnected : Day 0

Technology was catching up to us.
Now, we are trying to keep up with it.
I remember back in the days of just land lines and no mobile phones, no facebook and no internet for all. We spoke and laughed with people. We did things and didn't document every second of it in Instagram. We had fun, and we were genuinely happy. The lonely people were genuinely lonely for understandable reasons.
No with a million different ways to stay connected, we have so many ways of being lonely. Conversations and laughter have become a luxury. Texts and LOLs typed out with straight faces have taken their place. We live in an era where we cut off a live conversation with a living breathing human sitting or standing across from us to speak to one who is connected to us via strange telephonic waves that I don't even comprehend the working of.
We text and smile at posts as we ignore those around us.
Yes, it does have its advantages.
We need never get lost, but I don't know the way to my friend'…