Marry a woman who has expectations

Marry a woman who has expectations from the man she wants to marry
One who might even have conditions.
It shows she can think
It shows she wants good, someone who could be better
Someone she can give her best for
Marry a woman and not a girl
Trust me it makes a difference
Maybe a woman who has a girl in her, but a woman.
Marry a woman who knows what she wants
And what she doesn't
She might want a non-smoker, a funny guy or an educated guy
It's not because she is demanding
It's because she is clear about who would be the best fit for her
And is not going to waste anyone's time, letting them think otherwise
Marry a woman who can support herself
She's more fun to be with in the long run
Marry a woman who has adult problems 
They are easier to deal with
Even when they fall apart, you'd know it's probably for a good reason
Marry a woman who may not want to stay with her in-laws
It doesn't mean she wouldn't love them
Just that she doesn't want to suddenly restart her life in a strange territory where she is outnumbered
It also means she is confident that she can take care of the both of you
Marry a woman who laughs often
In the end, it's the smiles and laughter that counts
Marry a woman who makes you smile
Even when she's not around, and you're just thinking of her
You know why :)


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