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He Said Yes - Part 2

The Second Yes

(Part 1)

She was twenty-five, he was twenty-nine.
It had been five years since their official break up. Two since they had actually stopped talking. The relationship had lasted a glorious few months. She was always smiling, and was certain that he was too. She hadn’t known if it was fair to be that happy and ridiculously content with life. The days were brighter, the birds sung sweeter, food tasted better and everything was just right.
They broke up one morning. It wasn’t that fine. The morning.
It had been so sudden. One minute they had a silly disagreement on where they would like to settle in the world, and suddenly it was about the future.
“I’m thinking somewhere in the UK … maybe Scotland…or Ireland” she’d remarked dreamily
“You don’t want to come to Japan with me?”
“Erm…Japan…Ah” Well, she’d always known he wanted to go to Japan, but they had never spoken about the future. And suddenly putting it that way… She was just 19!
“Nothing. I was just kidding” he did NOT…

Marry a woman who has expectations

Marry a woman who has expectations from the man she wants to marry One who might even have conditions. It shows she can think It shows she wants good, someone who could be better Someone she can give her best for Marry a woman and not a girl Trust me it makes a difference Maybe a woman who has a girl in her, but a woman. Marry a woman who knows what she wants And what she doesn't She might want a non-smoker, a funny guy or an educated guy It's not because she is demanding It's because she is clear about who would be the best fit for her And is not going to waste anyone's time, letting them think otherwise Marry a woman who can support herself She's more fun to be with in the long run Marry a woman who has adult problems  They are easier to deal with Even when they fall apart, you'd know it's probably for a good reason Marry a woman who may not want to stay with her in-laws It doesn't mean she wouldn't love them Just that she doesn't want to suddenly restart her life…