By myself

I sometimes wish
That I had a park near my house
Even a little one with a few big trees would do
With a small walkway
And a bench or two

If I were dreaming bigger
I'd wish for a stream or a river
Oh boy, that would be so much better!

I'd go for short walks
Or long ones
Or just sit around,
And watch the clouds pass by
Up over the highest branches
Where the leaves danced too

A little soft green grass would be nice
Where I could walk barefoot
Maybe even have a lie-down
When no one else was around

Wouldn't that be nice?

I could sit and write
And watch the birds be
Sing off key

And when it rained
I'd take my polka dot umbrella
And quickly run there
To have a leisurely stroll

It sure would be nice
To have a park or a stream,
Nearby, for me to just go dream :)
By myself


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