Crazy Wishlist for the adult in me $_$

For various absolutely unbelieavable reasons, I didn't post a birthday wishlist this year.
The birthday turned out to be pretty awesome, and I got amazing gifts anyway! :)
However, wishlists are there for a reason - for something to work toward or something to dream about. And so here is the next tist, after quite a while - the dream list for the next 5 years! 
  1. Complete wood workshop – Wood work tools like cutting machine, grinding machine, driller, sanding machine. Wood! The nails, hammer, saw, leveler, and the array of hand tools. Glue, gloves and could you throw in a glue gun too? :P
  2. Personalized library embosser : That Says “From the Library of Jenny Sarto”, with my logo inside an open book icon
  3. A sleek vacuum cleaner. With long reach nozzles.
  4. The cake batter mixer – yes that
  5. Vegetable processor – designed by the vegetable God’s own offspring!
  6. Batter dispenser
  7. Waffle maker (Yes, a lot of food related stuff I know :P)
  8. A Home theatre system – for obvious reasons 0:)
  9. Motorized sewing and embroidery machine
  10. And finally …tons of time to use all of these things :D


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