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Would you jump in the well, if he did?!

Man is a social animal.
We live in a world where people do the strangest weirdest things, because the society does it/ expects it of them/ appreciates it. A world where becoming an army man is seen as a thing of pride, when in actuality it is essentially standing in the line of fire. (I don’t have anything against soldiers, mind you. Because I live in a world, where one is taught to respect and admire soldiers.)
We live in a world where starvation, for as little a motivator as being thin – to fulfill the warped society’s idea of good looking , is practiced by many women, and quite a few men. Starvation, even if it sometimes leads to death. Actions that go against the most primary of instinct of self preservation. We would even go to that extent, for somebody else. Somebody who has no relation or connection to us!
A society need not be a continent, or even a nation. A society can be as few as 100 or even 10 people, who proclaim a certain culture and set of beliefs. Any group, whi…

Crazy Wishlist for the adult in me $_$

For various absolutely unbelieavable reasons, I didn't post a birthday wishlist this year. The birthday turned out to be pretty awesome, and I got amazing gifts anyway! :) However, wishlists are there for a reason - for something to work toward or something to dream about. And so here is the next tist, after quite a while - the dream list for the next 5 years!  Complete wood workshop – Wood work tools like cutting machine, grinding machine, driller, sanding machine. Wood! The nails, hammer, saw, leveler, and the array of hand tools. Glue, gloves and could you throw in a glue gun too? :PPersonalized library embosser : That Says “From the Library of Jenny Sarto”, with my logo inside an open book iconA sleek vacuum cleaner. With long reach nozzles.The cake batter mixer – yes thatVegetable processor – designed by the vegetable God’s own offspring!Batter dispenserWaffle maker (Yes, a lot of food related stuff I know :P)A Home theatre system – for obvious reasons 0:)Motorized sewing and em…

Just a girl

I’m a girl. And I’ve never considered being a girl a weakness. I’m a feminist, I know that us girls still have to fight for many things that boys/ men take completely for granted. It could be as basic as safety, or as complex as the glass ceiling. But I’ve considered myself a fighter. Who’s believed that if we fight, we can get what should be our rights.
The fight is harder in conservative countries like India, where comments like “You’re a grown girl now”, “A girl should be home before it gets dark”, or “This is not America” are common, even in a comparatively open minded household like mine – where it isn’t expected of me or my sister to follow any dress code/ where girls drinking was not seen as cringe worthy fault/ where I am encouraged to be fully independent, work for my own living and be as self sufficient as possible.  Even in those situations, whenever those comments came up, I fought it. Or so I thought I did.
Till recently, I noticed, actually took a moment to stop and no…