I think over matters of the heart
With my head

I wish I could run far away
Have a clean slate and a fresh start
Do good there
Do right

I realize my life plans haven't worked out quite the way they should have
What once felt obvious, now feels herculean
What was once comfortable, is now disconserting

It happens. Sometimes.

I realize that forever ends too
Short term becomes long term
Life chooses to not make sense
Not even try

It's okay to yell at someone
It's okay to push people away
It's okay to just be silent
It's okay to change all the rules

It's okay to hold on. A tad longer that allowed.
It's okay to let go. Before I thought I would.
It's okay to be hated.
When thats better for them.
It's okay to be misunderstood
When it smoothens things out.
It's okay to be misinterpretted
When that works out better
It's okay to be judged.
And misjudged.
When you just dont give a damn

It's okay to want a hug
It's okay to like someone
It's okay to hate someone
It's okay to be terribly confused


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