Birthday Traditions Part 1: The Count Down

The biggest countdown of the year

Christmas? That’s second biggest.

The biggest countdown of my year has always been my birthday countdown of the year.

Yes Christmas is amazing! It’s a time to feel holy and festive, and the whole world feels a little happier, with more general cheer in the air.

But the birthday, it’s all mine! It’s not exactly always a happy countdown, especially as the number increases. A long time ago, it used to be all about excitement! About the birthday, the summer vacations that will surround it, the new clothes, the gifts that will come, the chocolates! Over the years, especially after school, it has changed – some aspects for the very good, some for bad. Some have even disappeared. The vacation for one!

Whatever changed, the counting down has not (yet) changed. It begins ever year after my dad’s birthday, which is on April 9th.

This year, I noticed, that the countdown has been a lot more complex emotionally. With the family desperately trying to marry me off (That’s the only thing on their minds!), with friends already married of, Me at a mental crossroads of where to go next, The big career change question, The mental never ending debates on : Love or Marriage? Someone who loves you or someone you like? Is this too late, just fine or too early?  But the birthday itself eventually wins over what it represents, hence as the day comes closer…. :)

30 Days to go

25 Days to go
New Phone :D :D :D Especially luckily available in the exact colour that I wanted!

20 Days  to go
Advance influx of presents! Whoa, can I actually accept all this? So crazy!

15 Days to go
Blaaahh … maybe I’m too old for this. I guess I really have grown out of it man. Sigh. So blah

13 Days to go
Meh. Maybe I’m PMSing?
“I don’t know what I want for Birthday dude o.o”
I’m gonna start my count down anyway, as whatsapp status. It just has to be done I guess.

12 Days to go
Do NOT talk to me about how old I’m getting, or tell me that I’m still not married at my age! Those are facts about my own life, and I’m not stupid – hence am well aware of those things! Sheesh!!

11 Days to go
You know what, I should add something that isn’t food to my list. It looks a bit too …umm… I should add non food wishes to the list definitely *thinks hard*

10 Days to go
Okay, yes I have a list of stuff I want, but I think I’m just gonna go get it for myself.
{I wonder when it’ll start. At least the PMS will stop then. And it won’t mess up my birthday}

9 Days to go
Just gonna do it man. I want to eat at Vasco’s, and I am an independent woman, capable of catering to my wants myself :D *Books birthday lunch for 2 at Hilton*

8 Days to go
Bugie: “What. Do. You. Want?”

7 Days to go
Going in a share auto in Chennai – this should officially be banned for pregnant ladies, as it most definitely will cause miscarriages. People who are not pregnant, and are late, should definitely give this method a try!

*Shop shop shop shop…*
The fluffy white one on my shoulder: Did I really just shop half a months pay check worth in one single day ?!?!?! *Shrieking and wailing inside*
The Horned me on my shoulder: But those gorgeous heavenly hot pink shoes! *Swoons with pleasure*
Fluffy white: What about those other beige shoes then?
The horned one: But ..but… those are classics …!
Can’t believe I spent so much in a day!!!
Dinner and Movie time – Happiness :D

(Post movie)
Me: Dude, let me drive your car :P
V: Okay!
Me: You’re really gonna let me drive your car?
V: In fact, I was gonna suggest it, even before you asked
Me: Weeeeeeeeeeee
[All the excitement of road rash packed into a 6 km drive, on an empty 1:00 am road..later]
Me: O.O I actually did it! We’re still alive :)
V: You were okay!
Me: :D
V: :)
Happiness is having a driving instructor, who is calm even when you come to a sudden screeching halt in the middle of a main road, with a truck right behind. And calmly says, “You’ll be fine. Just start over”

6 Days to go:
Monday – meh.
PMS. Weekends done. Thanks for not coming then. But I’m ready for you. You can start anytime now!
Or could it be post shopping realization low?
How do women juggle work and house work! One day, and I’m 10 feet sown under! Gaaaaaaaahhhhhh

5 Days to go:
Father: Jenna, I don’t think house work or cooking is ever going to be your thing. You’ve got to outsource it.
Official craziness. Approved project is put on hold, and is to be restructured. Well blah, now I’ll just focus on my birthday.
Aerobics at work.
This didn’t get it started. The share auto ride itself didn’t work.

4 Days to go:
My birthday is in 4 days! Weeeeeeeee
It’s happening :P The birthday mood is on!
My body is breaking! Aaaaarrrggghhh. Dayum that aerobics!

3 Days to go:
It’s my birthday. I can get gifts. And I might as well tell you what I want :P
Bugie: Good girl. Now tell me!
Me: Mmm…A watch? A white one …..(Searches online – sheesh they’re expensive! And I don’t even wear watches anyway) A pillow! Yeaaassshh, I want a pillow!
Bugie: That’ll go on the top 3 weirdest gifts I’ve ever got.
Me: What were the other 2?
Bugie: -_-
Me: Since it’s gonna be weird anyway, you can get me a shoe rack instead also {hahaha}
Bugie: How many pairs would they have to house…
Me: About 30 or so…
Bugie: o.o O. Kay.
Me: :P

2 Days to go:
No boss. No Super Boss. Birthday Celebrations at work with cake. Gift card. Birthday gift from office people.
Taken shopping with office friend, I thinkI’ve pretty much covered everything on my list! Except the food stuff :P Aaannnndddd I know what I want for my next birthday :P
Just 2 days to go baby !!! :D

1 Day to go:
Being taken birthday shopping again in the evening.
The birthday pampering begins :D
Peace. Happiness. Ecstacy!! :P