Being 26 - A year end review!

And we're finally here :)
I'm actually a week late on this post... took a week to process the 52 weeks that were. Or get over it. Whichever!

This might be the shortest yearly review post so far, but it is still a year's worth of events so, here goes!

26 ...twenty six... it sure dragged quite a bit, but was also quite fun. Like how lazy Sunday's are. It was rounded, blunt and comfortable. No major heart aches. No life altering events. Just a few intense ones. 

If 25 was an amazing roller coaster - with a Korean theme, I think 26 was dedicated to all the special men in my life. They totally saved the year from complete mediocrity, so to say!

My dad and I got much closer. We also had many many more yelling matches than ever before. I found out that a lot of who I am today is because of him. That I am a lot more like him, than I would have guessed! It has been a lovely year that way. He even let me drive his car once ;)

2 guys from work who have moved from brother zone, to friend zone, and have become such amazing confidantes and partners in crime, that I totally feel blessed to have found them! We make such a happy team of friends it's a ball all the time. And like one of them keeps pointing out, Even fighting is so much fun with them!

My long distance best friend got whatsapp, and we really got back in touch - and that's one of the bestest thing of last year. He's a real peach! Probably spoiling me for life by being super patient and pampery! He was the best Santa last Christmas, sent me a forest of red roses for Valentines, ensured I had the yummiest and sweetest birthday cake for 27th ... showing me how much he cares. Not just materialistically, but by being there all the time when I need him, and hearing me out! I even get though PMS and first days with him! That's how much of an important role he played in my 26th, and continues to! I only hope I can give back a tenth of what he has done for me.

Can too much love be too harmful? Apparently that's a yes. I got first hand experience of being someone overly cared for. However, that person, brother is also one of the sweetest, kindest more caring human beings I've known. so that relationship has been the most restructured and modified relationships so far. Trying to make it possible, but you can't have it all. We can still try :)

My best friend ... or about time that I accepted that he is now my ex-best friend and I got back in touch, just to find that things can't work out even as friends. We even met, he was within my reach and then gone. You can start hating, more accurately resenting someone because you loved them too much at one point.

My partner finally got out of something sticky, and is moving on. He will be married in less than a month's time, and I hope he is so happily. Fingers crossed! I know he deserves it :)

Those were the highlights about the important men in my life.

There are also other good friends I've made at office. And I generally belong more with the boys group than the girls :P To the extent that they forget that I'm a girl quite often ;) But that's cool as its quite comfortably convenient, and I don't have to be coy or girly - realizing its a liberating feeling that!

Some other very important things that have happened over the last year are:

One of my best friends got married. She found a lovely guy, and they are already happily married! Love to both!

I officially financially support another human being :) It's an empowering feeling!

I have learnt to bake cakes :D Just 2 so far, but, it's a start!

The groom hunt is on. And it really feels like a real hunting season. And I'm not sure if I'm hunting or being hunted. A lot of mixed, complex and complicated feelings there.

We had a lovely family vacation in Malaysia :)

I really organized my cupboards, and got rid of a lot of junk. It may not seem like a big thing, but trust me, it was! It felt like a BIG step into adulthood to have that :) I had ironing clothes as a hobby for almost 2 months!

I got back in touch with a lot of family. That's been nice!

Gadget wise, brilliant year!! Laptop, cell phone, even headphones and the like have had brilliant upgrades B)

Brand wise too. The stable income has made shopping from big brands a really easy thing to do :P No complaints there!

Got a ginormous amount of gifts. And anything else I wanted, I got it myself!

Some unfortunate things:

I have had a falling out with another very very good friend of mine. She is an amazing person, but sometimes, unknowingly, we use one person as a dump for all the negativity in our lives. I unfortunately became that person for her, and I had to get out of that rut. I hope that

I did not go on any vacation alone last year. Since my 19th year, I've been making it a point to get away and have some alone time at least once a year, but that didn't happen.

That falling out with the ex-best friend already mentioned.

Some nice people who had become friends at work moved away, moving apart.

Some other good friends also moved away geographically to be with their spouses or for other reasons.

I don't know which category this belongs in, I resigned. Cancelled resignation. And apart from travel to and from, I have become very comfortable with the job. And uncomfortable about the status quo comfort. So that's been at a weird state. Got to figure that out!

So over all, 26 was a good year. But bad because of how ordinary and uneventful it was. But it was good because it wasn't bad ;) It was too simplistic, with too many routines. I'm looking forward to a more eventful 27 :)


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