27 Things To Do When 27

  1. Travel to at least one foreign country
  2. Become fitter
  3. Get a boy friend
  4. Figure out what next in life professionally
  5. Help as many people as possible
  6. Go on a vacation alone
  7. Create a solid savings as a back up plan
  8. Write at least 27 stories
  9. Eat healthier
  10. Be a nicer person
  11. Get eye laser surgery done
  12. Learn swimming
  13. Read more
  14. Learn to drive in the city - comfortably (in the day time ;) )
  15. Get a car!!!
  16. Learn to bake cookies
  17. Learn to make different and complete cakes with icing
  18. Learn to make a 3 course meal
  19. Contribute to the society
  20. Stitch more
  21. Paintings: Acrylic, doodle & pastel
  22. Record the happy memories
  23. Learn to invest - and invest
  24. Learn to use make up
  25. Make time for people
  26. Fight less
  27. Be positive. Brush useless things off. Be happy.


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