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I have been seen as a rebel. Especially where I work currently, as I stand up for or against quite a few things. As the corporate culture ambassador and an Anti Discrimination and Anti Harassment Committee member, I’ve always felt it is my duty. I know that there are some things I haven’t been able to change, but there are those I can at least try to change.
This morning, after an event, I put up the following status message on facebook: Experienced first hand religious discrimination today, when I pointed out to my friend in the office bus that religious music should not be played, as we are a secular organization. He tells me “India is a Hindu country, ‘you’ people have encroached here” #Issecularismdead ? Sad state of affairs in the country.
That friend did not call to apologize or retract what he said. Or to say anything at all.
The post attracted many comments from many who supported my stance – some strongly, and some who asked me to just let it go. None of my colleagues who are o…

Being 26 - A year end review!

And we're finally here :)
I'm actually a week late on this post... took a week to process the 52 weeks that were. Or get over it. Whichever!

This might be the shortest yearly review post so far, but it is still a year's worth of events so, here goes!

26 ...twenty six... it sure dragged quite a bit, but was also quite fun. Like how lazy Sunday's are. It was rounded, blunt and comfortable. No major heart aches. No life altering events. Just a few intense ones. 

If 25 was an amazing roller coaster - with a Korean theme, I think 26 was dedicated to all the special men in my life. They totally saved the year from complete mediocrity, so to say!

My dad and I got much closer. We also had many many more yelling matches than ever before. I found out that a lot of who I am today is because of him. That I am a lot more like him, than I would have guessed! It has been a lovely year that way. He even let me drive his car once ;)

2 guys from work who have moved from brother zone, to f…

27 Things To Do When 27

Travel to at least one foreign countryBecome fitterGet a boy friendFigure out what next in life professionallyHelp as many people as possibleGo on a vacation aloneCreate a solid savings as a back up planWrite at least 27 storiesEat healthierBe a nicer personGet eye laser surgery doneLearn swimmingRead moreLearn to drive in the city - comfortably (in the day time ;) )Get a car!!!Learn to bake cookiesLearn to make different and complete cakes with icingLearn to make a 3 course mealContribute to the societyStitch morePaintings: Acrylic, doodle & pastelRecord the happy memoriesLearn to invest - and investLearn to use make upMake time for peopleFight lessBe positive. Brush useless things off. Be happy.

Birthday Traditions Part 1: The Count Down

The biggest countdown of the year
Christmas? That’s second biggest.
The biggest countdown of my year has always been my birthday countdown of the year.
Yes Christmas is amazing! It’s a time to feel holy and festive, and the whole world feels a little happier, with more general cheer in the air.
But the birthday, it’s all mine! It’s not exactly always a happy countdown, especially as the number increases. A long time ago, it used to be all about excitement! About the birthday, the summer vacations that will surround it, the new clothes, the gifts that will come, the chocolates! Over the years, especially after school, it has changed – some aspects for the very good, some for bad. Some have even disappeared. The vacation for one!
Whatever changed, the counting down has not (yet) changed. It begins ever year after my dad’s birthday, which is on April 9th.
This year, I noticed, that the countdown has been a lot more complex emotionally. With the family desperately trying to marry me off (That’…