The Mean and The Stupid

Every organization has many kinds of people. Leaders followers, Managers subordinates, Thinkers believers, and so on. Two of those types are the mean and the stupid.

There is always at least one person who is mean just for the sake of being mean. He likes to find faults, not sign when his signature is needed, ask questions to which answers are obvious, ask for irrelevant or unnecessary information, find absurd reason to hold things up, find fault with things that don’t align with their belief system, impose their belief system on other. They are more often than not loud and aggressive, with an air of presumed importance. Their existence is quite the bane to the existence of most others.

Then there is another type – the stupid. The stupid are of two types – one who act out because they’re scared of the mean, and the other who want to be like the mean. Either ways, the base being that they don’t have their own reason for their actions. It’s easier to fight with or even reason with the mean, as compared to the stupid. The stupid do the things the mean does, with nothing to support their action. Which is sad and pathetic.

The mean are a pain to deal with. But the stupid? They’re ridiculous and impossible, and best avoided.


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