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The Mean and The Stupid

Every organization has many kinds of people. Leaders followers, Managers subordinates, Thinkers believers, and so on. Two of those types are the mean and the stupid.
There is always at least one person who is mean just for the sake of being mean. He likes to find faults, not sign when his signature is needed, ask questions to which answers are obvious, ask for irrelevant or unnecessary information, find absurd reason to hold things up, find fault with things that don’t align with their belief system, impose their belief system on other. They are more often than not loud and aggressive, with an air of presumed importance. Their existence is quite the bane to the existence of most others.
Then there is another type – the stupid. The stupid are of two types – one who act out because they’re scared of the mean, and the other who want to be like the mean. Either ways, the base being that they don’t have their own reason for their actions. It’s easier to fight with or even reason with the mea…


Have you ever been addicted to a person?
That no matter how bad things get with them, you let it go. It doesn't matter (for long) if they insult you or down right ignore you, you still find yourself going back, knocking on their door and asking - "Do you wanna be friends again?", "Are we still friends?" Or "Can we start over maybe?"
Outside of that relationship, you lead a completely normal life, with the sensitivities of a normal person. You feel shame, pain and hurt to the normal levels. You understand insults and react as normally as the next person. But not with that one person. With them, despite repeatedly telling yourself that: "This is it. This is all I'll take. No more." - You're back, pinging them again as the next day begins. Not even bothering to make up an excuse for them. Just pinging cause it feels like you can. You just have. Thats the thing to do. Sometimes you go days ... months ... or even years without getting ba…

Those little things

Peace is lying on the back seat of the car
Watching the trees buzz by
Sky so blue
Up so high
Small piece of chocolate put in the mouth
Hair occasionally, absently stroked
Lying on the back seat of the car
Lying on his lap

Doubt is something enormous suddenly sinking in
Getting through courtship
Getting through the engagement
Gushing through the wedding
Skipping through the honeymoon
Standing in the grocery store
Wondering what topping he likes
Not knowing how big the thing you have gotten into is
Not knowing if you can handle it

Hope is believing without reason
That things will get better
That the better job
That other person
All those solutions
Or just any of the above, happen
Without much reason, sometimes with it.



A wish is .....
A big hope, mixed with doubt, that gives us peace - in just being there
A belief in the hope
A reassurance in the doubt
And a reason to be peaceful :)