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The Indian "Rape Problem"

The “Rape Problem” in India, I feel, is arising more because of the of our conservative 19th century views of rape (Women should not be out at night, women cannot wear what they please, women instigate rape)– now being overtly voiced, and spread like wildfire in the 21st century social mediums. The debatable and discriminatory views are giving rise to a hue and cry as a retaliation - the combination  of which constitutes our actual “Rape Problem”.
Rapes itself are a problem, I accept, but that is universal, and there India is 98th in the world index. Not even on the top 10.
I think the Government will do a whole lot of good, and a lot more in calming the Indian mass population in general by trying to see rape for what it is: A heinous crime committed by a few twisted men. Rather than a making national issue for which women are generally being blamed for “instigating” rapes/ where women unfortunately have the need to scream out that they are not responsible for somebody trying to (o…