As the tear drops fell

There is one theory of Emotional Psychology which states that what we feel is based on the emotions we're overtly expressing. I.e.; We don't cry because we feel sad, but we feel sad, when we realize we're crying.
Before you completely dismiss it as a stupid theory, think about this: Have there been times when people have pointed out to you that you are frowning, or that you look sad, and you, till that moment hadn't been aware of feeling annoyed or sad, but once it's pointed out, and you realize it, you wonder, and maybe even started feeling annoyed or sad after that - because you might have had a reason to be annoyed or sad. It might have even been happiness ... Have you felt happier, when you noticed you were smiling?
Well, I'm not here to lobby for that theory, neither do I completely believe in it. I just think that it is interesting, and that it might be applicable in some situations.
Like today.
I have a terrible terrible cold. So terrible in fact, that even my eyes have been leaking all day. So I've had to keep wiping away tears all day.
Granted a blocked nose, exhaustion from the lack of sleep, the slight throbbing head ache from constant sneezing and a throat that was competing with a blazing blunt chainsaws is enough and more reason to make a person feel a little blue. But my day wasn't half bad otherwise ... but with the wiping of tears ..and wiping and wiping... I started thinking of all kinds of saddening things, and by the end of it all, well you get where I'm going right.
All I'm saying that James and Lange may not have been completely batting in the dark there.


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