When Santa Came a Visiting

Christmas 2014
I have a feeling that in my many many years to come, 2014 may by far be the best in terms of gifts received!
It was crazy and it was awesome :D
My amazingly lovely friends, and online shopping together made it a Christmas which would have made any Santa proud, and any little girl (apparently big girls too!) squeal with excitement.
I know it is materialistic of me... but I'm going to indulge this time.
So it all started with my very normal, and very regular "Christmas List"
The kind I put up before every birthday, and every Christmas. You know, that random wish list that everybody has :)
My blog is not the most famous or popular...but a few good friends still follow it sweetly! And I guess it all started there ... and with a few of my good friends from office wanting to get me Christmas gifts as well, seeing how crazily I seemed to be grinning and jumping around all the time due to the Christmas season! Or even before, when I got myself the OTG, which was the biggest one on the list, and started my baking frenzy ;)

There are about 4 to 5 little chapters to this Christmas story, after the OTG :) Maybe more!

"Hey, I have to get a dress for a friend who is about the same height and build as you. Help me pick one from the options I'm going to send you"
How sweet is that! From a most obvious friend ;)
We spent almost 2 hours checking out oh-so-many dresses. When I said that I didn't prefer the red, only because I had 2 other red dresses, he agreed. Completely giving away the fact that it was for me. Yet almost innocently believing that it would come as a surprise to me.
But the website sends me a text as soon as the order is confirmed, and the poor dear was so upset that the cat was out of the bag so soon! But it was a gorgeous dress, and he is an absolute darling!

"An office backpack"
So my good friend from office decided that his Christmas present would be the Office Back pack. I love my purple ones, but they've become slightly old, and hence it's time for a change you see.
We spent days looking for one, and went through countless stores - online and brick. But to no avail. 
Then one fine day, one more friend from office says lets all go shopping, and within the hour, I had a(nother) pretty black and gold dress (A traditional one this time) and black pumps (from the list! :D )
So the office backpack didn't get through, but who cares when better things were in store!
I think I'll bling up my old ones and revamp them ;)

(I get a call) "Tell this guy where you're is! Quick"
This from the same friend who got me the dress. "But whyyy...you ...you already got me...". "babe, he's at you're street, and can't find your house. Call him now!"
I got a box, which claimed to have 7 items in it. But I promised my friend that I wouldn't open it till Christmas day. So it waited around till then, and on Christmas day I find that it's got seven bottles of beautiful nail paints. Yaay yaay !! 2 of them which have already found their way on to my nails :)

"So, When I get back, I'm going to take you on that long drive on the ECR"
Aren't promises of good things to come the most gladdening things ever. It's like a nice thing to look forward to, and it's always a good feeling!

"Umm... dessert bowls?"
"You're baking now... "

"How many boxes of things keep coming to you ?!?!"
Well, between the stuff I was buying for others, and the gifts, there sure were many. So it's kind of understandable that my grandmother was getting a little suspicious of it all. 
I keep this box till Christmas day as well. And this too is from the same friend. I guess I might as well just rename him THE BEST SANTA EVER. This time, they were headphones. 
And, not just random Phillips or even fancy Sony headphones I wanted (because my old headphones had gotten slightly worn out) but these were over the top JBL head phones ... about which he asks if I am okay with the J55 ...that he considered the J88, but they seemed too big. Blink blink. White headphones that perfect match my laptop and have ridiculously amazingly brilliant sound quality - WHOAVE only :P

I also got a silent gift - silent because that person and I had a major fall out. Yet we still silently traded gifts.

I know it's the thought that counts ... but how much thought have these amazing people put into not just the gift, but also how and why they picked those. 
Be it my favourite Santa ever, who not only spent hours picking a dress for me, but also went to many stores and checked sizes of headphones, and so sweetly announced that he has never shopped for nail paints before, and he hoped to God that I liked those! Or my friend who picked out dessert bowls cause I'm baking or those sweet souls who would have scourged no less than a dozen shops with me, as I happily hunted for what I wanted. And of course my dad, who not only bought me an amazingly fancy dress, but also kidnapped my sister and brought her home for a crash visit this Christmas - because next Christmas I may (like he desperately hopes) or may not have another family that would have my divided attention as well.

This Christmas, I really did feel wonderfully blessed and loved :)
And more so, because I realize there are so many people who actually want me to have a wonderfully blessed and merry Christmas!

Thank you so very muchly and wish you all a very Merry Christmas! .*. 

P.S : I'm still wondering what on earth I should get my peter pan Santa friend ... he wouldn't tell me what he wants o.o
Any suggestions?


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