Someone’s first choice

I’ve had men in my life.
Apart from my dad of course.

Some who’ve felt so perfectly right – from my heart,
and some from my head.
Some who made me feel nice inside.
Some, with who, it feels right when I’m with them, 
but not when am without
Some, for who it feels right from a distance, 
but when together, I'm left wondering

Some who sang for me
Some who took me on long drives
Some who've even helped me trees
Some who've promised sensitivity
Delivered that, with the opposite
Some who've made me laugh uncontrollably
Some who've made me smile
Some who've made me cry.

Some I met in my social circles,
Some I met online
And some, who my parents arranged for me to meet

Some who were in love with me
Some who loved me
Some who liked me
Some who found me interesting
And some who wanted to define me

Some I’ve loved
A couple I’ve been in love with
Many I liked
Some I wondered about

Some who’ve almost perfect fit my list
Yet made me wonder if
Some who were so far from the list
Yet felt like a perfect fit

Some I fought against
Some I fought for

All these men in life
Of course, each of the above was not a separate (group of) entity(ies)
Many statements describe the same man

Of all these types of men in my life
Thus far,
There hasn't been anyone (apart from my dad of course)
To whom I was the first choice
They might have said I was
They might have even believed I was
But, when push came to shove,
At the right time, I wasn’t
So far there hasn’t been anyone
Who has felt the need to fight for me
Not more than 1, who has inspired me to fight for him

Thus I wait
Mostly happily
For that person
Who makes me want to fight for him
Because he’s fighting for me too.

Because I am and will always be his first choice. 


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