Deck the halls with boughs of Holly

It's yet again the season to be jolly :)
Season to love and more importantly hope!
I've recently noticed that I've become a believer or wisher of the utopian-world. Which isn't keeping me very happy, as I see myself unhappy about every little thing (and there are a gazillion :( ) that is not as it should be. Even small abberations. However, hoping that that will just run its course and fizzle out, this is not the season for perfectionism, it is time for happy happiness :)

This Christmas season I am thankful for every little thing and the big things I've gotten this year (more detailed year end review to follow a little later this year) and hope and pray that God gives me patience and good sense in the days , and years to come :)

As hopes go, I'm putting up my annual Christmas wishlist. Well hope is after all the theme of this time ;)

Here goes:

1. Black 2 inch pumps
2. Office backpack
3. Chocolate and Mango cookies
4. OTG
5. Nail polish!!!
6. Silver paint... to paint my wall! And white paint ~ 1 lt each :D
7. Purple dress
8. Memory foamed mattress
9. Loong drive in the ECR :P
10. Headphones
11. Fridge list magnet
12. Hair brush with natural bristles :)


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