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Good Bye Year :2014

It's always nice to start writing after eating something especially delicious.
As an ode to the year that was, as the last meal - I made myself my special bowl of chocolate ice cream. Basically a ton of chocolate ice cream with everything that I love in it in it :)

2014, the year that was... mmmm...

I read somewhere that the saddest word is "Almost"
She almost made it...He almost stopped her...They almost worked things out... She almost looked back

2014 was just so to me

I almost got a best friend back
I almost quit my job
I almost joined a new company
I almost found "that someone"
I almost got published (still)

2014 was also the year

I lost good friends

Some just decided to drop out of my world.
I don't know why. I did try a couple of times. And decided I'm too old for that drama, especially when there seems to be so much unexplainable (from my perspective of course) hatred.

And some ,,,well, this is a quote from a movie, which seemed to fit that situa…

When Santa Came a Visiting

Christmas 2014 I have a feeling that in my many many years to come, 2014 may by far be the best in terms of gifts received! It was crazy and it was awesome :D My amazingly lovely friends, and online shopping together made it a Christmas which would have made any Santa proud, and any little girl (apparently big girls too!) squeal with excitement. I know it is materialistic of me... but I'm going to indulge this time. So it all started with my very normal, and very regular "Christmas List" The kind I put up before every birthday, and every Christmas. You know, that random wish list that everybody has :) My blog is not the most famous or popular...but a few good friends still follow it sweetly! And I guess it all started there ... and with a few of my good friends from office wanting to get me Christmas gifts as well, seeing how crazily I seemed to be grinning and jumping around all the time due to the Christmas season! Or even before, when I got myself the OTG, which was …

Someone’s first choice

I’ve had men in my life. Apart from my dad of course.
Some who’ve felt so perfectly right – from my heart, and some from my head. Some who made me feel nice inside. Some, with who, it feels right when I’m with them,  but not when am without Some, for who it feels right from a distance,  but when together, I'm left wondering
Some who sang for me Some who took me on long drives Some who've even helped me trees Some who've promised sensitivity Delivered that, with the opposite Some who've made me laugh uncontrollably Some who've made me smile Some who've made me cry.
Some I met in my social circles, Some I met online And some, who my parents arranged for me to meet
Some who were in love with me Some who loved me Some who liked me Some who found me interesting And some who wanted to define me
Some I’ve loved A couple I’ve been in love with Many I liked Some I wondered about
Some who’ve almost perfect fit my list Yet made me wonder if Some who were so far from…

Deck the halls with boughs of Holly

It's yet again the season to be jolly :)
Season to love and more importantly hope!
I've recently noticed that I've become a believer or wisher of the utopian-world. Which isn't keeping me very happy, as I see myself unhappy about every little thing (and there are a gazillion :( ) that is not as it should be. Even small abberations. However, hoping that that will just run its course and fizzle out, this is not the season for perfectionism, it is time for happy happiness :)This Christmas season I am thankful for every little thing and the big things I've gotten this year (more detailed year end review to follow a little later this year) and hope and pray that God gives me patience and good sense in the days , and years to come :)As hopes go, I'm putting up my annual Christmas wishlist. Well hope is after all the theme of this time ;)Here goes:1. Black 2 inch pumps
2. Office backpack
3. Chocolate and Mango cookies
4. OTG
5. Nail polish!!!
6. Silver paint... to pai…